Sequel & Common Root Meeting 1/8/15

In attendance: Andira, Azaria, Barbara, Chelsea, Lacey, Mary Beth, Mike, Sammi, Spencer

Moderator – Chelsea, Co-Moderator – Lacey, Note-taker – Mary Beth

Fall For Pride logo, need QR code, need info that QR code leads to
Promotion timeline – check in with vendors/organizations – how much time do they need
Heavy promotion – 8 to 12 weeks?
Lacey – press releases
Lacey and Andira met with Scott and Wes of Nebraska Trans Community about working together – Fall for Pride Event and with Common Root activities in general

How Commercial?
Local businesses/vendors, not advertising for them, invite and applications, charged for space
Voted – Allow local businesses/vendors to participate in event? Unanimous yes vote
Voted – allow local chapters of non-profit organizations to particpate in event? Unanimous yes vote
Voted – Recruit services (i.e. food vendors) but require applications from individual businesses and non-profits – unanimous vote
Vendor (no table/booth) –
Vendor Table –
Non-profit Fundraising Table –
Non-profit Info –
Bucket for donations – yes

Performers – between music
Poetry – Azaria
Wes & Scott – Trans Ally presentation

Organization to raise money for…

Common Root Meeting – January 8, 2015

In attendance: Andira, Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Chelsea, Lacey, Mary Beth, Mike, Sammi, Scott, Tammy
(Same meeting roles as above)

– WiFi update
tabled until next week

ARAN host – Barbara

February calendar

— Consent Event Workshop – Chelsea, Azaria, Barbara & Andira – February 7
— Valentine’s event – February 14 –check with Ailyne

Skillshare designs – Lacey will create in the future

January – Member meeting
— Stickers – member gifts – voted to use stickers as new/re-establishing member gifts replacing note pads (unamimous vote), voted to also sell stickers for $1 each (unanimous vote)
— Sign up to bring refreshments – sign up online
— Video to show
— Arrive 6:30 pm for set up – seating design as a squirkel with table in corner as to accommodate as many people as possible

501(c)(3) 2014 yr end tax requirements – need to file by May

Check-in on the alcohol policy – Toby will check on this

Key Holder Handbook – lending library policies and dealing with trouble
It was decided to document when guests are asked to leave the space. Two CR members must be present whenever a guest is asked to leave the space.

Business cards – tabled

Quorum – now 2 board members, 1 keyholder and 2 other members
proposed to change to 1 board member, 3 keyholders, 1 other members – unanimous yes vote

CR Org group – nominate additions in person or on FB and put to vote – tag people directly

Rent payments – giving Andira checkbook? Will credit union set up auto payments for rent and insurance?
Check in with Toby regarding insurance information and any other financial information. Website information?

Button prices for non-profits – tabled

Emergency preparedness discussion – Jan. 22? – tabled

Treasury Update – $2526.44

Quorum – Andira, Ben, Lacey, Azaria, Barbara, Mike, Chelsea
Review of Quorum and Procedures (NEW this meeting)

Definition of how quorum works in the CR space and requirement to bring all topics to a vote and receive quorum (five members, one board members.) Add Josslyn to 501(c)3 organizational information/IRS.
Amendment of quorum (minimum:) Passed
3-Key Holder


Toby Bartels

This seems problematic to me:

>Two CR members must be present whenever a guest is asked to leave the space.

So if there is only 1 member, then the member must allow any guests to stay? If somebody is holding open hours and someone else comes by and causes trouble, then the only way to get rid of this guest is to call for help, or else to leave and close up entirely? That can’t be what we want!


Lacey Losh

I see the same issue with having two members need to be present. This is more a rule of thumb (to feel out the situation) to try to get another member or members involved if it comes to this. As least that was my understanding of the discussion.


Toby Bartels

So maybe it should say “At least two CR members need to be involved in the decision” rather than “At least two CR members need to be present”?

Common Root Admin