Sequel & Common Root Meeting 1/22/15

Attendance: Mike, Azaria (moderator), Andira, Chelsea, Lacey(co-moderator), Josslyn, Jen, Ailyne (note taker), Spencer, Barbara, Ben.

Deciding on the viral marketing campaign. Lacey will bring in one example with handwriting font and serifs, one in handwriting font sans serif. They will be filled in to accommodate people who are visually impaired. Swapping green for the red. Maybe the date could wrap around the bottom of the leaf? Move the QRC to other top corner? Examples will be brought.
We could also use QRCs for fundraising events with proceeds going to FFP.

QR code will lead Count down for website that QR code leads to. Could say something like “Do you want to Fall For Pride? Stay tuned for more info!” Also, a video teaser. We will brainstorm our ideas and bring them to the next Sequel meeting. 

Spencer. Tentative yes from Once A Pawn. Emailed Hear Nebraska, waiting to hear back. Spencer also talked to Hear Nebraska about doing a benefit show to raise funds for this event. Talked to a small local indie label, electronic. They could have a booth at the event to sell music that is featured during the event.

Lacey. Earth Day. Map of Antelope Park. The map wasn’t very super helpful. Lacey and Mike will work on the map together, scaling and stuff like that so we can work on placement of tables and booths.

Additional forms. We are looking into getting insurance through the company we have. We can go through Parks and Rec but it might be easier to do it through our own.
Special use permit from parks and rec needs to be filled out and turned in 3 weeks prior to the event.

Ailyne found a form online for serving food at the event. It seems the only fee we will need to pay is $70 for the permit. The may be an additional state fee that Ailyne will call about. Also, we need to consider silverware and food. Corn plastic and compostable.

We need to discuss recycling at event. Maybe form a committee.

We will be meeting again in two weeks, Feb 5th, at 6pm for food, meeting will start at 6:30pm.

Common Room General Meeting January 22nd, 2015

In Attendance; Azaria (mod), Andira, Sammi, Marcus, Chelsea, Lacey (co mod), Patrick, Scott, Jeanette, Ben, Josslyn, Mike, Jen, Barbara, Ailyne (note taker).

CR store requirements: Space parameters. Have a trial period/waiting period before new members display their products. We do have the form that delineates the details of space, the amount you will receive. Maybe usurp the waiting period if you have a sponsor (a current active member). Maybe we should call it something else besides “retail space”.
Voted to change the name from Common Root Store to “Common Root Artist Showcase”. The change of terminology will be a gradual transition.

Vagina Monologues: Cei said they are short handed for volunteers for the event. Contact Cei if you would like to volunteer on February 21st. 

Internet: Time Warner is cheaper for business class internet. 3 yr contract, fee increases the shorter the contract. 12X1.5meg 120/mo, not including taxes and fees. 99.95 installation fee. The contract seems very long.
Verizon Aircard. That could be taken to events so we could process card payments, fundraisers and such. Unlimited date would be worth $80/mo. We will bring more info and discuss to next meeting. This seems like the most feasible approach.

Legacy Rose: Features natural. Holistic, and community events online. Wants to share CR events on her site. We voted Yes, let her know she can feature our events on her site. (!)

Amazon Smile: percentage of what you buy goes directly to CR/ featured non profit. We voted yes, so we will be getting set up with that. Thanks Donna!

Annual Member Meeting: Lacey will be note taker, Marcus will be co moderator, Andira will be moderator. Chelsea’s bringing pizza. 

ARAN potluck: they have been very unorganized and under attended. The events are unwelcoming to people who may not opt to go strict vegetarian/vegan. It was suggested by Jeanette to request people to bring their own place settings. We should take control of the event and possible invite ARAN to attend.
Events that are created on facebook need to be brought to CR’s attention before being posted/created. 

Event facilitator Form; Revisited: Facilitators need to be on time for their events, early for setup. Have an approval when the form is turned in, signature of hosting keyholding member, etc.
For another meeting, talk about a plan b if we have a no call no show. Basically a back up event.

Sharing responsibilities: having copies of insurance forms. Help with calendar (Lacey uses InDesign), have a pdf template on a flash drive so someone else would feasibly be able to do. Chelsea mentioned that keyholders should be trained on how to perform the most vital tasks to Common Root, for a backup plan.

Finalize Feb calendar: Valentine’s day 4pm-6:30pm. Feb 14th – Saturday.

Disaster Preparedness: Interested members will talk about the event details online and in person and make it happen.

Cleaning up the Space before Annual Member Meeting: Volunteers will be staying after tonight’s meeting to clean up and organize. Finish up the details before the member meeting, next week.

For the Community forum, we will have someone at the door, talk to Mahek to hopefully keep and eye out if anyone that seems violent he can give a heads up. Have people escort the director in and out. We will generally be aware of what’s going on around us.

Fund raising for 2015: tabled to next meeting.

Chelsea has physical keys! Congratulations!

No treasury update.
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin