Sequel & BORING Committee Meeting 2/5/15

The Sequel meeting:
In attendance: Ailyne (note-taker), Andira, Lacey, Jen, Mike (co-moderator), Azaria, Chelsea (moderator), Barbara

The FFP flyer was voted on an approved. Option is available to see on

There is a basic counter up on the Common Root link. We are looking into getting a fancier one

We need to know how many tables and what size they are before we can set up a map or schematic of the layout

Still figuring out where to rent tables. Business hours and the weekend time frame for out event are creating difficulties. If we can rent a Uhaul for under $230 it would be cheaper for us to pick them up and drop them back off than to have the companies deliver and pick up the tables.

We discussed the possibility of speaking with recycling and refuse companies to arrange recycling bins. Would save us a lot of concern if they provided the bins and picked them up after the event. We also discussed using GoPo volunteers for trash and general clean up.

BORING Meeting 2-5-15
Ailyne (note-taker), Jen, Mike (co-moderator), Lacey, Andira, Azaria, Barbara, Chelsea (moderator), Scott, Tammy

Cards Against Humanity
We voted and decided that we will no longer allow Cards Against Humanity at Common Root or Common Root sponsored events.

We have a new offer for WiFi from Time Warner, it’s a lot more reasonable.
Data is expensive for hotspots. We don’t necessarily need the hotspot for events, members are willing to volunteer their phones to use the Square for donations. Members will take a look at the new offer and we can decide at the next meeting if it’s something we want to pursue.

Carra and Jamie are dues paying members. Yay!

Since our group is becoming more visible in the community, it would be nice to have specified people who are comfortable speaking to the media, and to groups about CR and what we do. Like a PR committee but for Common Root Community Relations. Azaria, Andira, Chelsea volunteered to form and sit on committee, and work on a short speech/statement about CR. We should ask Marcus if he’s interested, he’s really good at that kind of stuff.

The idea was proposed to distinguish the BORING and General meetings. There is a discussion on the organizing group to help delineate parameters.

Fundraising ideas. Maybe sequester a dry erase board to plan fundraising events throughout the year.

We are reinstituting a flyer distribution system. On the organizing group you can sign up to set flyers are certain venues throughout town.

Fire Spring. As far as the professional website, do we have the power to update/manage it? Do we have to pay after a certain point? Do we own the content?
For the $300 signing, we are looking into a large, reuseable banner to take to events.
Free month at Non profit hub. Andira, Chelsea and Ailyne are interested in touring the space to see if we want to take advantage of it.

Thanks Andira for setting up auto rent payments!

It was discussed that we need to be actively looking for a handicap accessible, ground floor, larger space with a bigger meeting/event room. We talked about the possibility of using a Gofundme, crowdsourcing for purchasing a space that we own outright. Exciting prospect, but further discussion is required to discuss specific details.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

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