Sequel & BORING Committee Meeting 2/19/15

Sequel Meeting
– Banner – approved one design, Lacey will post an alternate version of the other online to be voted on.
– UHual Prices / Table Rental
– Discuss online form – vendors
– Bands/entertainment update
– FFP teaser/flyer handout 

BORING Committee Meeting

Ailyne, Andira, Azaria, Barbara, Chelsea, Josslyn (note-taker), Lacey, Mike, Sammy, Spencer, Scott (co-moderator), Tammy (moderator)

– Pick a date – CR taxes
March 19th #winning
Grant ideas
Different grant on lincoln community foundation and contact first by Lacey. Write letter of intent, the formal grant letter. Letter of inquiry May 1st and June 5th for formal letter. Lacey may contact and fill out forms for Cornerstone and Whole Foods.
– Give to Lincoln Day
Starts at the beginning of March for non-profit sign-up and May 28th is the actual Give to Lincoln Day. Sign-up begins in March Date: May 28th, 2015
– Update – Firespring Nonprofit Contest-Information on the Org Page. Set-up a time to meet at the space. Andi will can Phil back from Firespring and ACH will be available soon to signup at the bank to have membership to auto deduct.
– Finalize March calendar
— Vegan Potluck Tony to speak to Brian about setting up more structure and planning with ARAN to maintain organizational consisentcy. Keep the time. Josslyn will be available to as an additional keyholder.
— LPS Sponsor – Read Across Am.
Set aside time to read out loud to people, need people to read, and help with the kids. Invite LPS students to earn their GoPo.
– Auto rent payments
Online rent payments will be automatically be sent to the landlord. 

Other business (if time allows)
Additional options maybe available through alternative vendors at addiitional prices.
How much is the cost portion of shirt.
Fundraising for 2015
Hand written dues at year end.
Receipts only when things are bought or a one-time donation
-Bake sale
Three to five people to set-up event. Need to move Jam and Ailyne will create crafts.
May 16th 11-3p and contact meadowlark to set-up timeframe.
Setting time on the day before to drop off goodies at the space.
List brainstorming ideas from Annual Member Mtg
Art show with a grass roots theme and select artists to highlight in a calendar by voting
Possible July lead by: Andira, Chelsie, Barbara, Azaria
Bring ideas on next meeting to soildify details

–Brainstorming tabled.
– Self-defense class
free self-defense for ten or more participants 6:30 on Tuesday or Thursday
– Earth Day Booth
Sign-up for earth day booth
Saturday, April 18 from 10-2
cost: $35.00 for non-profits
– Next CR Zine issue (tabled)
– Treasury Update: $3531.16 with all new additions
10 from Ailyne
50 from Marcus



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