Sequel & BORING Committee Meeting 1/1/15

In attendance: Ailyne, Andira, Azaria, Barbara (Moderator), Chelaea (co-moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Mary Beth, Shea, Spencer 

Supplemental Meeting – “the sequel”

Funding for the event:
Look for LGBT Specific grants, Ailyne is willing to look into this before our next meeting.
Fundraising – bake sale with soaps after skillshare

Spencer is here to talk about music, Shea suggests having times of headliners times listed.
Spencer will check with Phoebe & Once a Pawn, Andi will check with JD Powers.
Barbara will check with a member of a band she knows.
We’ll ask bands to volunteer their time.

Food booths and/or local food vendors?
Ailyne is planning to make large amounts of food offered for free will donations.
Food handlers licence? Ailyne has a restricted food handlers permit. Do we need to display the permit?

We could invite Food Not Bombs from Omaha potentially as another food vendor option. Azaria and Andi will aim to get in contact with them.

Reasons folks don’t like commercial events like this:
Advertising everywhere, funding just one local business’s profits, not the entire community. Not family friendly. Not Alcohol-free. Volunteers were treated badly.

Freewill donation baskets are suggested, but there is a feeling of obligation of that. Basket at our food vendor table and announcing it on stage is another possibility.

Some commodification could happen, such as local artists. We could charge more for local vendors than a non-profit group for example. We could openly encourage local LGBT businesses, LGBT friendly businesses. Barbara suggests we get a hold of a directory of LGBT-friendly businesses and scope out businesses who come to us.

Shea suggests a form/application with a deadline and we decide who can have table space at the event. This will help organize the table layouts and we can create a map.

Andi suggests and info center of local resources table. LGBT resource center at UNL might be able to help us with that.

Lacey can check with Earth Day folks about their map/table layout.

Next week at 6:30 we will meet again. Future topics to discuss include:
-Rough # of tables
-If fundraising is needed?

These three things we will discuss at the next meeting:
-How big/how many tables
-Family/non-profit – Interactive/Activities

Vague promotion – Josslyn might want to be involved, Ailyne along with Lacey and Andi.

Right now we can say local, non-profit LGBT event.

We’ll need a trash pick-up committee. Games for kids and all age groups/interactive.

BORING Committee Meeting

– Member gifts – January meeting
-$1 people buy stickers after the member meeting.
-Possibly we will replace the notepads with stickers on the member forms, 

– Keyholder Handbook
-Lacey read the section on event hosting and promotion.
-Mahak locks the door after hours and we need a solution for people outside getting a hold of us. Some suggestions are google voice, a track phone for texts, leaving a text number sign at the door of the keyholder so folks can get a hold of them. We will table this until next week. Ailyne might have a track phone we could use.

– WiFi Update
-DSL Business Class from Internet Nebraska
No phone neeeded – $59.95 first 6 mo. $64.95 next 6 months.

Time Warner Business Class – $70/mo when bundled with a phone

Barbara is going to do more research and we will revisit.

– Treasury update
(includes $50 Toby membership and rent payment for January is made)
+$1 button from Mike
+$25 membership from Josslyn
+$25 Membership Deanna
+$300 design work from Lacey
+$160 from Lauren

– Business Cards
Lacey brought pricing and design options to the group and we will wait until we have quorum to decide how to proceed. UNL Print & Copy is the best price so far.

-Mike is setting up the new PC at CR.

Old phone donations could be taken at CR as a fundraiser for other organizations. (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.)


Review of Quorum and Procedures

Definition of how quorum works in the CR space and requirement to bring all topics to a vote and receive quorum (five members, two board members.) Add Josslyn to 501(c)3 organizational information/IRS.
Amendment of quorum (minimum:) Passed
1-Key Holder

Common Root Admin