Second Annual Member Meeting 1/28/16

In attendance: Andira (moderator), Azaria (co-moderator), Bob, Ben, Chelsea, Danielle, Donna, Lacey (note-taker), Lynnette, Mike, Sammi, Scott

-Intro & Ice-breaker
People offer money / dues. Interruptions welcomed for money only.
Andira reads the CR rules.
Ice-breaker – A community organization that impresses you and why:

-Donna: Lincoln Literacy, helping people learn English and promote reading 

-Bob: Bold Nebraska, organizing folks from a variety of sources & backgrounds

-Azaria: Sisters of the Road Cafe (Portland, OR): Serve meals to the homeless community (downtown Portland), inexpensive, well cooked and filling ($2 = full meal and drink), first meal is free. You can work for them to earn meal tickets, other community outreach as well.
-Ben: SP CE Commons: DIO Fest, Skillshares, Self-Defense/Kickboxing

-Mike: Initiatives like “pay it forward” that homeless folks can take advantage of, not officially organized but individual business owners are initiating it. He’d like to see more programs like that, it makes it feel like community. Azaria would like to do this at her future coffee shop.

-Sammi: Beagle Freedom Project: Gets the dogs out of labs and into adopted or fostered homes and let them live a doggie life.

-Sammi: Voices of Hope

-Danielle: She’s sleepy, but she likes when people do stuff like this.

-Mike: Autism awareness orgs (puzzle piece) perhaps “Autism Speaks” – he likes what they do for autistic individuals

-Common Root is okay. Especially the annual membership meetings and Free Saturdays.

-Ben: Freedom Riders: going to service peoples funerals to honor and to shield the families and friends from protestors. You can join as a supporter, but many of the members are military or ex-military. They have rallied support from others in the community as well.

-Lynnette asks is there a way to connect with them? Look into where Westborough Baptists will be.

-Lacey: Equality House and Planting Peace. They are pretty neat.

-Andira: Community Crops – finding land, helping people learn to feed themselves and being accessible to the community

-Chelsea: BACA: Bikers group (big scary looking ones) they team up with children who are victims of abuse to show big, bad support at court hearing, at their homes, in their neighborhoods. Intimidation factor FTW. We have a chapter in Lincoln!

-Andira: I Have A Name Project: Raise awareness and help victims of Human Trafficking, provide opportunities form them to live, thrive

-Azaria: Homeless people, making them human again (cannot recall name) – they are humans who are struggling and they need love too.

-Andira: Food Not Bombs

-Screening 2015 slideshow

-Plans for 2016

-Specializing and designating our committees, for efficiency!

-Applying for grants

-FFP – 10/9/2016

-Food Not Bombs – starting it back up, community vehicle

-SMART Aid Committee – coordinate volunteer flow throughout the community, interface is being created

-Free Saturdays continue to be amazing – Free culture!

-Support circles and game nights continue monthly – people need those outlets

-ACH Transfer

-We need a larger location, and the treasury money for it! Ground floor, kitchen (nice), close to a main road, accessible, free /ample parking, heat and air that work properly and plumbing would be GREAT!  Oxygen.

-Brainstorming for 2016

-Sammi asks about more animal related stuff, connecting the community of people with pets. This does not connect with ARAN. Something that includes the community of folks with domestic animals. Maybe not a potluck. Robot cats.

-Community garden plot? Are we going to try to have one this year. Mike has a super huge++ big big interest. In conjunction with Free Saturday maybe? Come harvest time we’ll have an outlet. Perhaps the robot cats can help?
Azaria knows someone (Rachel) who has a Community Crops farming plot – she may be interested in helping with experience, skillshares.

-Danielle suggests making a questionaire to see where people’s interests lie. Maybe this will help point people to the organizations or events that correlates to their interets. This goes with SMART Aid committee. We could give these out at tabling events. Lacey will make a sample form and bring it to the next SMART Aid committee mtg. 

-Sammi keeps thinking about reusuable grocery bags with the CR logo – could have available at FFP. QUILTBAG? Prices: 50 cents – $4 each! A lot of advertising potential this way. People are excited. It’s just fun.

-Ben – Pepe’s closing? Maybe not? How much is that space, he wonders. There is concern about the small space, it’s a good thought. Maybe too south? 

-Mike – CR reusable bags at Free Saturday is a great idea. Look out for ones created with lead…can lead to lead poisoning. Could we look into screen printing? It’s not in the printing…it’s in the bags. Azaria says we could make the bags, Lynnette suggests using t-shirts, that would be a lot of work, but it would be cool and reusing resources.

-Sammi – Social cycling, we need a new leader, it would be cool. May April? Social cycling to some place specifc would be cool.

BREAK – we took a group photo

-Continued brainstorming for 2016

Mike: cooking show – youtube – real time! $1300 – actually cost for production equipment. Sammi worries that if we YouTube stuff, people won’t show as much in person. Mike thinks it might draw people, to show what we are doing. At the event shot / segments. At the end of each event we’ll all jump. Freeze frame. Hair metal.

The food truck is off the table. Maybe we can take the funds offered to get a bus or other vehicle. If we do a bus, we don’t need a trailer.

Danielle asks if we have a schedule for the year. We do, it’s available on the org group on facebook – google doc.

Eva at VERGE / Vine Church has a kitchen they’ve offered for CR to be able to use, perhaps Food Not Bombs. They have a large, commercial kitchen. Andira suspects this would work better than people’s individual kitchens. If it goes well, we could crowd fund and purchase a bus. Doing this for a time and getting a volunteer base would be a good idea before we fundraise and commit time and money into a bus or other distribution vehicle. This way we can get an established Food Not Bombs chapter before we commit further. People could volunteer to cook, distribute, repair the bus, we could reach out to other volunteers and community orgs.

Scott asks about the permits / licenses to hand out the food. It’s ideal to have all the proper permits. Azaria is going for a level 4 food handler permit, Danielle has a level 3 right now.

Sammi would like to see someone teach people first aid CPR – Mike has nurse friends who might be able to help with a skillshare. It may would probably not be free – you have to pay for certification. Layman CPR is different, they don’t do the breathes. Now it’s just chest compressions. There is an app that will alert you like a first responder to an emergency. It also plays into the disaster prep area of interest several of our volunteers have.

Sammi- education and enrichment – a regular life learning group that picks a topic with 2-3 people to split the topic (ex. Anatomy) to study and report back / discuss at a skillshare so everyone gets the knowledge from individual research. It could work like a book club. People agree ahead to participate, research and get together to report back and share.

Andira – discussions on dealing with individuals with behavoral / developmental disabilites, or folks with tramas and triggers to better accommodate them and understand.

Mike would like to see more education skillshares – informational more than arts and crafts, might go a long way toward helping with grant applications.
Personal finance skillshares. Practical skills – “Adulting 101”- balancing a checkbook, lower income resources, food stamps (folks fall into making too much money for gov assistance but not enough to get by).
Free community resources directory – Chelsea knows. She will bring it! All the places to apply for assistance or receive assistance. Food net hands out booklets with this info and on the foodnet website. Lynnette asks about recipes offered from foodnet. Doesn’t sound like they do this. Azaria would like to have a kitchen for food cooking skillshares. VERGE offers their kitchen space for these purposes.

These are the food options we have on hand – what can we make with this? YouTube! How to stretch the food you have.

Food Not Bombs is specifically a vegetarian organization – FYI. Old dairy can be a little weird. Fermentation skillshare!!

Sammi suggests a project – buddy board. Looking for someone to help with specific tasks, accountability (encouragement) partner, approved buddies are important. This could work with the skillshare database (SMART Aid). There could be accountability and ratings. SMART Aid might be more like group work, this idea is more one-on-one help, with any kind of task. Companionship. Mentorship. Peer accountability.

-Treasury update: Toby was going to bring documents tonight – we’re at $2945.31 (may not account for new membership dues tonight). Andira is taking over the membership program (yay)! “Pratifal.”

We need financial documents. Lynnette suggests an organization needs to have an audit once a year. We need to not just have ballpark figures so we can apply for other grants. We need to set a date. Two member volunteers to go to Toby’s place to pick up the documents. Sammi and Andira volunteer to coordinate and pick up the documents.

2015 slideshow can go on our YouTube channel – also on the Fb page like last years.

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3-Key Holding Members

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