Meeting Minutes & Treasury Update 10/30/14

Meeting Notes – Thursday, Oct 30, 2014
In attendance: Ailyne, Andi, Barbara, Ben, Chelsea, John, Lacey, Marcus (note-taker), Mike, Sammi (moderator), Toby

– Mahak Event – Indian Cooking Class – November 22 from 4-6pm is okay.
– Make sure key holder handbook is updated.
– Find a waiver form for other organizations that we are working with. – (any items lent by Common Root)
– See if John finished the web form.
– Start keeping all RECEIPTS! – make sure Mike has receipt book – Gave him $11 – See if he found out about his discount from work (Staples).
– Make sure we are filing all money away correctly.
– Find out more about taxes – Do we charge taxes? – Found out if its ok to make the other party responsible for taxes – revise form or send out an email. Sales tax sales tax sales tax?
– Look for a computer person.
– Send free digital Zine copies to free store – Midwest Anarchist Fed.
– Contact Channel 8, Lincoln Journal Star, and Neighbor Newspaper.
– – 99T or some form 501c3
– Work on next Event
– Work on next Fundraisers.
– Try to find other org’s events that we can attend has a group.
– More Events in THE SPACE?
– Skill share?
– Food Dontations for free saturdays and the event on nov 7
– Food for the NOV 7 event – all dishes need to be labeled what is in them.
– talk about an thanksgiving event with OFTF.


Toby Bartels

After receiving some dues today and paying next month’s rent, we have $1652.01.

Common Root Admin