Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 9/8/16

Moderator: Lacey
Co-Moderator: Heather
Recorder: Larry
Also present: Bob, Chelsea, Jazz, Cei, Ollie, Andira, Sammi Jo, Elora, Josslyn

-Oct calendar draft (2m) Lacey
-Rough stage schedules for FFP (20m) Lacey
-Finalize event maps (10m) Lacey
-Volunteer slots (5m) Lacey
– 5:30 start time – Oct 6 (5m) Lacey
-Photobooth with identity flags (10m) Lacey

‘Zine update, not any new submissions, possibly doing at least a Poetry sheet or some such, but after FFP when things calm down a bit. 

Stage Schedules (draft) Lacey read the notes she had already, asking for any input.

Names of bands playing at the bandshell, poets in the indoor stage.
Thanking everyone for contributing, pushing the raffle tickets.
Close to final list of poets and/or non-profit orgs to talk about what they do.
Outdoor stage, Kylie is emcee. Similar spiel to Heather. Shout out to Spencer for everything he’s providing. Plugging Free Saturdays, Support Circle, etc.
Also taking donations, wandering donation bucket, swag for sale at CR booth.
Plea for at least one more volunteer for the CR booth. Will Scott be back in time? 

Do we have enough “I’ll go with you” buttons? Lacey has printed 85, we may get 100 to have on hand for FFP. Bob volunteered to help. Possibly promote these online ahead, ask for anyone that would like multiples we could make separately. 

Event maps: Passed around for approval, we have more booths than we thought when we measured!

Lacey explained the initial plan, laying out the food vendors especially well to create lots of flow. 

Indoors Lacey wanted more area in front of the stage, placing smaller round tables there.

Volunteer slots, need one more for CR table. Maya’s gone 3:15 – 4:00.
The volunteer sign-up was passed around again. 


5:30 start time. Oct. 6th. Nobody seemed to be absolutely unable to make it.
We had a vote that was almost unanimous for. 

Photobooth w/identity flags
Possibly have a station where people can make an identity flag.
Maybe a large poster with many identity flags and what they stand for.
Voted favorably. 

Porchfest, any volunteers please bring your own chairs. We will have our booth to sell CR swag and voted to have a big Porchfest bucket for PF donations. 

We also voted to give all the donations straight to Porchfest up to $100 to help cover Porta-potties and hopefully help PF more than break even. Over $100 we’ll keep our agreed on percentage.

One table opened up indoors for FFP. Jason at Equality Press was the first one to ask after the indoor filled up & Jason has supported CR. We voted to include Equality Press. 

Agenda for next week:

Porchfest Update (10m) Bob
13th Lavender Hill for TDOR
TDOR is Nov. 20th. 

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin