Meeting Minutes 9/7/17

Present: Lacey (moderator), Andira, Sari, Jon (with an n), Larry (co-moderator), Erica, Josslyn, Mike, Nathan, Heather, Bob (note-taker, still without a unicorn).

–Finance Report – Andira – Tabled until 9/14/17 CR Meeting

–Fall For Pride Finance Report – Lacey – Rec’d FFP payments from: Alzheimer’s Assn., Vine Church, First Plymouth Pride & Sweet Minou.
The total value of all sponsorships promised is $3,150. As some sponsorships involve in-kind donations the actual dollar value received could be $2,400. After FFP expenses the net dollar intake could be $1,618.90. There is some confusion as to the insurance cost for the FFP event… it will cost either $250 or $350… Andira is researching this.

–Donated Trailer Dimensions for FFP – Mike – The donated trailer measures 7’x14′.

–FFP Rented Table Needs – Lacey – 30 rented tables and chairs at current count. It was voted on, and approved, that CR utilize the cabinet-tables that come with rental of the Auld Pavlion and use these tables for the James Nocito Pulse Nightclub display, thereby reducing our table rental needs down to 25. We voted and approved renting 50 chairs.

–FFP Map Draft – Lacey – Lacey shared a map of the indoor & outdoor vendor table placement. One edit: update year to 2017.

–October CR Calendar Draft – Lacey – Calendar passed around for edits.

–Streets Alive – Lacey – No merchandise sales are allowed for this CR booth at this 9/10/17 city festival. CR will only display button merchandise with $1 suggested donation signage.

–Card My Yard – Bob – Bob proposed renting ground placed advertising “Card My Yard” for FFP, estimated to cost $70-$80. After discussion it was voted on, and approved, that CR instead purchase a 2′ x 12′ canvas banner to be displayed at FFP at an estimated cost of $108. Lacey will create the design and the banner will be purchased from Goldenrod Printing. As Goldenrod is providing a substantial discount it was also approved that the banner include Goldenrod’s logo/name as an FFP $150 level sponsor.

Agenda for 9/14/17 CR Meeting:
-CR Finance Report – Andira
-FFP Volunteer Roles – Lacey
-Check Raffle Tickets For CR Approval

–Bob DiPaolo
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