Meeting Minutes 9/4/14

# 2014 September 4
* Ailyne, Andi, Ben (moderator), John, Lacey, Mike, Toby (note-taker)

1. Brew not Bombs

Brian Ellis suggested holding a Brew-not-Bombs event for vegan cheese. Problems: not insured for alcohol, vegan cheese Kickstarter has already met all of its goals.

2. Keyholder & events-posting handbook

Lacey wants to put together a handbook for people to use for managing the space: when and how to lock up the building, how to handle sales, etc. We like it. She’ll bring a draft to the next meeting.

3. Suggestion box

Maybe we should have one.

4. Inkblot art event

Andi has an idea for inkblot art. The creative aspects of both drawing and interpretation will be highlighted.

5. No-flake form

In the past, sometimes facilitators have flaked, and we had an idea of having facilitators fill out a form promising not to flake, just to emphasize their commitment. We had a first draft, that Lacey might be able to find. Andi wants to revive this. We might enforce it with a two-strikes rule, with room for judgement of particular circumstances. They can also check off collective resources that they may want to use (like a projector or a camel) and set times for unlocking and locking.

6. Support circle

The support circle has ground rules printed up. They now start at 11 (on Sundays) instead of 10.

7. Website

Ben has audio files for Toby to put on the website. Toby has to figure out how Lacey can edit the stuff on the sides of the main page. Also, we had an old address up there one place, but Toby just fixed it.

8. Bees

Common Root and the Black Cat House will be advertising each other’s events. In other news, the Judean People’s Front and the People’s Front of Judea have issues a joint statement that the real enemy is the Romans.

The Bees want suggestions of art that we could use; Lacey has ideas. They don’t need an Internet connection, so that’s good.

People should bring food, in crockpots or coolers if appropriate, because the event is long.

There are various supplies that they need, most of which we have, except perhaps for paper and string. If scratch paper (empty backs with printing on the front) is sufficient, then Andi has lots. Also, we have yarn and similar things. Lacey will ask if these work. Donations during the event go to the Bees.

9. Treasury

We have $1555.66. This is lower than last week because we paid rent!

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