Meeting Minutes 9/3/15


Andira (moderator), Barbara (co-moderator), Chelsea, Jen H(.5) Lacey, Mike (note taker), Sammi(.5), Shea, Toby(.5)


1 Resource Fair (5m) (Shea & Chelsea)

2 Art Calendar Update (15m) (Lacey)

3 CR Pinterest (5m) (Barbara)

4 Coordination Chart (5m) (Andira)

5 Calendar Draft (2m) (Lacey)

6 NTC Soda Tabs (2m) (Lacey)

7 Community Support Circle (10m) (Lacey)

8 Stack Keeper (5m) (Andira)

9 Laminator (2m) (Lacey)


Resource Fair
Indigo Bridge would like to host our zine and sell them.

Shea has volunteered to take Common Root resources to LGBT resource center in UNL student union.

Art Calendar Update
Went over art calendar draft. We approved layout and changes to be made.
Final price: $15.00 approved
Pre-order price: $10.00 approved

Coordination Chart
Andira is seeking to establish “Go-tos” for chart items.

NTC Soda Tabs
A jar will be placed in Common Root space to collect soda tabs for Nebraska Trans Community Group. This was voted on and approved.

Community Support Circle
Sammi, Lacey, & Shea agreed to volunteer as backup hosts for Community Support Circle. Further discussion will be tabled for two weeks [insert date].


A Stack Keeper may be added at the discretion of the co-moderator.

We have voted and approved the addition of a laminator to the space. The method of appropriation to be determined at a later date.


[ ] Look into calendar shipping prices (Jen H, 9/10/15)

[ ] Follow up with ACA (Toby, 9/17/15)
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin