Meeting Minutes 9/28/17

Present: Andira, Lacey (co-moderator), Justin, Heather (moderator), Mike, Erica, Larry, Chelsea, Ashley, Jon, Sari, Weston, Bob (note taker)

FFP Raffle Details – Heather & Lacey: Voted yes to make raffle winner announcement from the indoor stage first at 4:20pm, followed by announcement from outdoor stage a little later. Post winner number at both CR booths on white boards. Announce the amount of the raffle donations so far at 3pm indoor/3:30pm outdoor

James Nocito Lantern Display – Andira: Has not heard back about display. It is to be on display from 2-5pm at FFP but unknown how the display will get there or how it will be delivered to next showing. Andira will attend meeting this weekend for updates.

FFP Banner Stakes – Andira: A variety of stakes/methods was discussed. A trial run at erecting the banner prior to the day of FFP was suggested. Jon & Sari have stakes we can test, metal and plastic.

FFP Program Quantity – Lacey: A quantity of 250 color programs printed by Goldenrod Printing at 59 cents ea. was approved.

FFP Vendor Setup Emails – Lacey: All emails have been sent to vendors, including a map of their booth location. Good job volunteers!

FFP Trailer Schedule – Lacey: Mike will pickup Lacey at her house on Saturday Oct. 7th and arrive at AAA rents for tables/chairs at 10am. Tables/chairs to be returned by Mike & Lacey on Monday Oct. 9th to AAA Rents at 9am. Breakfast gathering with any organizers interested will be at Cultiva on 11th Street.

FFP Vendor Surveys – Lacey: Vendor surveys were passed around for people’s edits and suggestions on what to include in the surveys.

Next CR Meeting: Thursday Oct. 5th, 7:30-9pm for FFP volunteer roles and reminders.

Post FFP CR Meeting: at The Hot Mess, Thursday Oct. 12th, 7:30-9pm to share Fall For Pride experiences.

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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