Meeting Minutes 9/27/18

Kris, Larry, Bob (moderator), Lacey (note-taker), Austin, Mikaela, Andira.

Mini-do – 51 NoKXL buttons of the 100 order completed so far!

Allyship w/ Trans Feminine Prisoner (10m) Mikaela –
Followup of 26 year old Riley’s letter to Common Root, she is suing for HRT thorough the state while she is incarcerated. Her birthday is Oct 13th, in case anyone wants to send birthday correspondence. We have decided to send her a group card from Common Root. She appreciates our efforts and she is accepting of us sharing her information appropriately.

She has reached out to the Omaha World Herald, Lincoln Journal Star, and she has reached out to the ACLU but they said they could not help at the time. She has not been able to contact Legal Aid of NE but we can contact them on her behalf and we have also provided her with their contact information.

She has a psychiatric consult coming tomorrow. After this consult, she may be allowed HRT depending on how the meeting goes. Full copy of the letter will be scanned and available in Common Root’s locking cabinet.

Mikaela and Austin are going to send her Adam Morfeld and Anna Wishart’s contact information, which Riley has asked us for specifically.

Riley thus far hasn’t been allowed HRT, feminine clothing, toiletries, or makeup. She is looking for donations of these items and has provided her lawyer’s address so people can send these items through them.

She does have concern of hate mail. We are thinking of doing a birthday card shower event, but we may want to screen mail to be sure no hate mail comes in for her.

Buttons (10) Bob –
Should CR retire a quantity of buttons we display at booths and a quantity of buttons we display at booths and introduce new designs?

Feminist buttons – consider consolidating all 3 versions into one deeper box? Could we also consider retiring Bottom, Top, and Switch and It Is So Ordered? These would still be available to order, just not taking up booth table space.

Replace with pronoun buttons? He/Him, She/Her, Ze/Zir? They/Them

“Old school” peace sign was suggested.

Another idea…possibly outdated: “We call BS” – Emma Gonzalez

Could we have buttons specifics we sell with proceeds for organizations? People’s City Mission not accepting trans folks was suggested as an example.

Streets Alive (5m) Lacey –
$59 in donations were received. They asked vendors to be setup before noon when the streets were closed for an associated fun run. This meant vendors had to be setup and ready an hour before visitors arrived. Other booths setup after the street closings, and if they plan a similar setup situation next year, we may do the same. We were able to suggest this as a potential change for future Streets Alive events through their vendor survey.

We love the event otherwise, so many diverse visitors (though it was mentioned this booth doesn’t allow for a lot of engagement with visitors about our mission and resources), it’s at a good time of year, great attendance and entertainment, free booth, and well organized. The maps were also brought up as a potential suggestion for improvement. They were inaccurate in several ways that proved to be confusing.


Meditation Group (5m) Andira –
Andira is interested in having a friend facilitate weekly meditation events on Thursday evenings in Narnia. This would use part of our 16 hour conference room limit. October has enough hours free, so we vote to approve all events in October. We will revisit this for future months that may run over our 16 hour limit.

16 Hour Room Rule – Foundry has a 16 hour limit on the use of Conference Room and Narnia. Andira doesn’t think it will be an issue if we go over our allotted time. It is brought up that we’d rather not run over our allotted time, because we have trouble booking those rooms already. And, you know, treat others how you would like to be treated.

We could consider under booking the time, and take a chance that no one will book the room right after us? Sometimes events run over and we overstay if no one else has the space booked. We could look at the screen upon entering to see if anyone else has the space booked after us and keep an eye on the website in case the screen isn’t up to date. 

1.5 hours per week is suggested as an alternative to a full 2 hours per week for meditation specifically. Andira can talk to the facilitator about having shorter meditation sessions, or possibly less frequent

Vegan Potluck (5m) Mikaela –
Mikaela is interested in hosting a Plant-Based Potluck where we have vegan food, she’ll make the event, bring some food, has a table cloth in mind, people bring their own dishes/forks if they want. She likes the idea of Sundays for hosting this event. 1st Sunday in November – Nov 4th. Large conference room. Evening. We need a key holder and to see if the room is free that evening.

Maple Lodge(10m) Bob –
Look at dates for CreateFest. Come to November 8th meeting with ideas for dates at the first meeting in November and we can check in about booking at that time.

Website (5m) Kris –
Kris offers to create a website for us to improve our current one. We are hesitant, as Stacy is currently doing this, but as we have not heard an update since early summer. Kris offers to create designs to show us at the next meeting and we can elect to use them or not. Such a nice offer. We have already paid for the new domain and haven’t been able to use it yet this year, so directing people to one, better designed site would be ideal, but this situation is complex as we may have multiple people working on it, and the process is labor intensive.

Next Meeting (Oct 11th) Agenda Items
– November calendar (Meeting night Nov 22 is Thanksgiving)
– Revisit 16 hour rule
Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

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