Meeting Minutes 9/25/14

In attendance: Ailyne, Andi, Ben (Moderator), Chelsea, John, Josslyn, Lacey (note-taker), Mary Beth, Mike, Shelly, Steve & Toby

– Motivation
Reasons we come to Common Root
Social Justice
Socialization w/ like minds

Mike suggests adding a section to the no-flake form about what draws you to the space. We could offer an “after-form” to assess and talk about suggestions for improvement. We should also offer these things on the suggestion forms for the future suggestion box.

“Enrich” is the word Ailyne feels from spending time in the space emotionally. A few tag lines were jokingly suggested and this was thrown out there: Common Root – Enriching the Human Spirit. We also had the tag line “Part of Your Non-Profit, Grassroots Community” We discussed having a tagline or easier way to express why we come to CR when we’re talking to new/interested folks. So, we need to consider this for branding/marketing our organization.

Lacey suggests asking what people are interested in, and tell them about what we have that meets those interests and needs, or suggest they bring their interests to the space.

Shelley suggests doing a non-GMO event to bring about awareness or give folks options or ideas of how to eat a healthier, non-GMO diet. Andi suggests a non-GMO potluck and Shelley suggests bringing recipes. We could have them on our website.

Steve told us more about the Makers Club (merging with UNL Maker Club) and it sounds like the space will open this month or soon. 

-Hanging Art Cards in the space
-hanging card on the 23rd at the meeting

Online presence – events
page vs. group – “invite your friends” and we’re going to do the events as the Common Root – Mutual Aid Center page – not as the collaborative group.

Treasury Update
-Ben paid membership $10
-Roger paid membership $25
-Linnel donated $13
-Toni paid $5 NoKXL buttons
-Jason paid $300 – deposit for next book design by Lacey
Current treasury: $2061.66

QTN – Jonathan Reyes suggested Queen Theatre Night. Maybe see if Natalie is interested. CR maybe cannot be official because these performances cost $$, but we could raise awareness and perhaps we could get group rates/discounts. 

Hurray – we have 501c3 Status!
We are going to put up a meeting invite on facebook to hold the boring aspects of 501c3 (Ailyne is all about this) and the start of the grant-writing committee and how to comply properly. “Business of Organizing Rules and Initiating New Grants.”

B.O.D. Nomination -Andi nominates Josslyn to the CR Board of Directors. Everyone approves!

Disaster prep discussion (save for last) – will invite Nathan (Josslyn’s friend) and see if Diana can attend.

ARAN: Speciesism: The Movie (a documentary)– Brian suggests. Toby suggests doing the movie along with the regular Vegan potluck on Sunday, Nov 16th.

-Ailyne would like to do the genderless body-positive beauty product night in November. She has demo ideas and she’d like to talk about make-up alternatives, beneficial products for your skin like different teas. 

Ailyne would also like to do a compost workshop – it takes 2-3 months to break down. John and Ailyne have started one and can tell us about their issues and how to trouble-shoot these things and if people start now they’ll have great compost ready for spring. 

Calendar – put PFLAG(T) on our calendar – it’s 4 Tuesday – St. Marks (something’s) United Method – add to our calendar in November.

Member recommendations for the Lending Library – maybe with index cards. People can take the index cards and perhaps write inspiration quotes and post them in the space.

-“The sequel”, maybe in September or October next year. Less commercial maybe all proceeds to into PFLAG queer shelter or a good cause. Doing a picnic, queer family event, huge potluck. Try not to have commercial vendors. Free food table maybe – dal and rice, bean dip.

Lacey will check into band shell price at Antelope Park. People could pay for a dish or mug (we could do cafe press). – Suggested donations for the bowl, mug, etc. We could ask Pepe’s to bring the food truck. We could do shirts or a banner.
Lacey will check on prices for the bandshell and indoor building. Working Title “Fall for Pride”

Trans Day of Remembrance Nov 20th – candlelight vigil (suggest people bring jarred candles) we could do Hazel Able Park or elsewhere. We could let people speak. Josslyn will coordinate this.

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