Meeting Minutes 9/25/13

Moderator: Toby
Notetaker: Shaina

Treasury: about 400..We are okay for rent in October.
Andrew is owed money for a bill…but he is loaning the money to Common Root for November.

Utilities:  Contact Amanda about utilities transfer.

Subleases: We have consensus for the subleases.

Calendar: Awesome Calendar!  We are going to be in the new space!!

Howard: Possibly able to pay us back rent but we still need him out of the house by the end of Oct.  Someone please ask Howard about the house laptop we let him use.

Landord:  Give Ray notice… Rick:  Signage on the wall outside.  Patio Furniture.

Buttons:  Someone is buying 50 to 100 buttons.

Change Goodsearch Address to new premises…

Moving/Cleaning:  Moving time setup for Saturday Sept. 28th.

International Socialist Organization-Lincoln: Added as an affiliate


Toby Bartels

Other participants: Andrew, Ben, Lacey. (Link and William stayed at the old place.)

Common Root Admin