Meeting Minutes 9/21/17

Larry, Sari, Jon, Donna, Lacey (note-taker), Chelsea, Weston, Bob (moderator AND co-moderator), Andira

Mini-Do: Make FFP prize buttons

CR cal – final draft & FFP followup meeting – Vote passes, the FFP followup meeting will be held at The Hot Mess.

Volunteer meeting – Oct 5th –
Antelope Park early (5:30) vs. CR (7:30 regular). 7:30 regular time is decided on, we were not able to reach consensus.

October Free Saturday – Sari is planning a paper plate sugar skull masks and discussion on Day of the Dead culture at Free Saturday at The Bay! Chelsea will help at this event.

Lantern Art Display at FFP – Awaiting finalized details from Kirstin of PFLAG. First Friday – Outlinc is hosting these at Tower Square. We do not need to provide the lights to illuminate them, those will come with the lanterns. Lacey asks if we can nail down delivery volunteer, pick up volunteer and times for FFP. Andira will coordinate.

FFP Program Draft – Passed around for edits! We will fold them ourselves to save $$! How many do we want to print? 350 – 500 – see if there is a price break – Lacey will contact Goldenrod. Donna will make a basket for returning programs for the information booth.

FFP Poster distribution – We are doing well! Chelsea offers to take Lincoln Yoga Center and Penguin Pitstop, and she will add other spots to our list.


Purple binder – VOTED and approved to keep it at CR. Can be used for coordinating details at large events, like FFP.

Raffle details – Announce raffle (reminders between performers) – give updates to both emcees ongoing about total raffle prize $. Only announce winner on indoor stage 4:20 PM.

Check with Heather (raffle coordinator) on org group to be sure she likes these ideas. Walkie-talkies are offered by Chelsea, we vote in favor of using them! This will help with communication throughout the event.

Security at FFP – Would we want to involve law enforcement? Will that ad to security or make people feel unsafe? Should we consider a private security company or individual volunteers? Is it affordable to hire security firms, would people feel safe with personal security. It’s all charged hourly, we need to find out locally how much it would cost for our 4 hour festival. So close to the event, is this enough notice?

The south Lincoln police have been informed of the festival, the chief likes to attend the festival as an individual and makes sure his officers are at the ready in case we need their assistance during FFP.

Folks like the idea of having plain clothes security or folks wearing “security” shirts. We are interested in finding pricing to see if it’s affordable. Chelsea will look into this. Andira offered to check on one site as well.

Set agenda – Sept 28
-Raffle details (5) Heather & Lacey
-Lantern Art Display (5m) Andira
-Stakes / banner hanging discussion (5m) – Andira

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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