Meeting Minutes 9/18/13

Meeting Notes – September 18, 2013

In Attendance: Andrew, Lacey, Link, Shaina, Toby and William

1. Buttons: Buttons cost 11 cents each to make. Make 50 more for Streets Alive. More cycles, recycle, and cycle buttons. William suggests smiley face, heart, basic buttons to sell.

2. Fundraiser: William’s planning to make a couple books for the fundraiser. We’re planning to put auction items in the hall. William suggests a late October meeting dedicated to planning fundraiser, like we do with zine meetings. We’re planning to meet for lunch at Pepe’s the day before the fundraiser to figure out the layout. William might be able to get us recordings from San Francisco events – sort of like fill in the blank, mad libs.
We’d like the FCC Band to play, Lacey will will let them know.
3. Streets Alive! Bring your own chairs. We are on K Street, in front of the capitol, 2nd in from the west – booth #36. Andrew and Lacey will bring patio umbrellas, buttons stuff, banner/sign, zines and handouts.
4. Toby proposes we take $50 off the rent and have residents pay their fair portion of the utilities. It was also suggested we take only $25 off, but as we’re not making enough money to cover the rent for this place. Utilities average $240 per month here.
5. Shaina, Andrew and Lacey (maybe others) will go to see a new possible location tomorrow at 5 PM. Utilities we pay electricity and gas, not water, lawn care or garbage. $475/month spilt with Shaina and Jewel in the Lotus. We propose to pay $200/month for Common Root’s part of the space. Perhaps we can see if Howard wants to stay and other residents as well so we’re not paying double for October rent. We could check with Michael Henry and Cindy Elder about zine space or Occupy about taking a little store front space and helping with rent.
6. Link is wanted to donate excess funds from EGG to Common Root as well 
7. Current Treasury: $386.77 – Link gave $40 for EGG logo design.
8. Lou is buying one Little Free Library (LFLs) for $100 – Lacey and Andrew will donate $75 of that to CR by Oct 1st.
9. Lacey and Andrew are making LFLs for auction and CR donations – 4 in all.
10. Andrew and Toby are looking at Kris’s room tomorrw afternoon and those two are authorized to give Kris back his deposit.
11. Free Saturday: on the 12th in October, we’ll do Free Saturday in Neighbor’s Park and drum up some interest for a Tuesday night protest on the anniv. Of Occupy Lincoln. Maybe 3:30 – 5:30 encourage people to stand at the old Occupy camp site. Also, we have secured the Grace Lutheran church for Free Saturdays November – March – w00t!
12. Calendar Oct. 5th – ACA Potluck
Oct 6th – 13th – Cycling event
Toby is considering Sci Cafe
Game night & Arts and Crafts every other month


Toby Bartels

Lacey was note-taker; Shaina was moderator.

Common Root Admin