Meeting Minutes 9/17/15


Aenea, Andira, Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Chelsea (moderator), Danielle, Ema,
Jen H, Lacey, Mike (note taker), Robbin, Robert, Sammi, Shea (co-moderator), Toby 


1 Art calendar update (10m) (Lacey)

2 Calendar Drafts (2m) (Lacey)

3 Community Support Circle (10m) (Lacey)

4 Follow up with ACH (15m) (Toby)

5 Raffle Prizes (10m) (Chelsea)

6 Streets Alive (5m) (Lacey)

7 Only For the Fly (5m) (Lacey)

8 Volunteering (10m) (Andira )


Art calendar update
Will be ordering through Staples. Will be having a proof made prior to ordering a full lot. 11 pre-orders have already been placed. Lacey will be providing the PDF files to Mike who will be in contact with Staples to facilitate the order. $15 is being taken out of the cash box by Mike to acquire the calendar proof copy.

Community Support Circle
Suggested that we rotate facilitators for the event, with the facilitator for the next meeting selected beforehand to allow them to mentally prepare for the role.

It has been decided to indeed hold CSC on Oct. 4 instead of of the 11th. Ben will be facilitating.


Toby has brought insurance information to have in the space.

Raffle Prizes
Jen H’s dad will be offering air boat rides.
Taco John’s is offering free gift certificates. Tabled.
Common Root is offering a bundle of various items. Vote: Approved
Suggested items:
Art calendar
Common Root buttons
Common Root Zine
Artist donations
Azaria’s basket
Lip balm
Possibly asking Suji’s grocery
Bumper stickers

Streets Alive
Table will be set up in the N. 29th st and Holdrege area. The date is Sunday, September 20th. Setup will begin at noon.

Only For the Fly
Would like to acquire pumpkins for their October event. And has asked for our participation in obtaining and distributing them. Topic tabled until a response is heard from OFTF concerning the legal process that needs to take place for this to happen, regarding our 501c3 status and OFTF’s lack of 501c3 status.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin