Meeting Minutes 9/19/12

1. Desktop upgrade – qubit has offered to donate a Dell small form factor P.C.. It has a dual core, and it’s upgradable to eight gigs of ram. It just needs to be backed up and it needs a clean instal.

2. LES – Based on paperwork that has been found it’s likely that Jackson was at fault for not requesting that the previous account be closed when he opened the new one. Toby will however, wreite a letter of dispute.

3. Magic Jack – Montee would need to change the account information from his email in order to change the account info. The best thing to do would be to buy a news magic jack for $20, and have a google voice account forward to it.

4. Occupy aniversiry – March on Saturday October 13th at noon, at the north steps of the capital building. Planning meeting Thursday the 20th, 6:30, @ Colteva. Spoaks council meeting on Sunday 23rd.

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