Meeting Minutes 9/15/16

In attendance: Elora, Cei, Joss, Mike, Larry (moderator), Andira, Lacey (note-taker), Bob (co-moderator), Chelsea, Wyatt & Loc

Oct calendar draft (2m)
Passed around the table

Porchfest Followup (10m)
NSNA Newsletter article about future Porchfests could act as an official way to include the Near South Neighborhood Assn. They were aware this year but didn’t seem supportive in the planning stages, but once it was successful they expressed interest in helping for future years.
Possibly getting more volunteers to help canvas the neighborhood with flyers.
Many people wanted to help volunteer, play, have porches, etc.
We heard great things at our booth about Porchfest. Maya has shown interest in hosting again in news media and online. Would she like to work with Common Root again?

TDoR (5m)
KZUM – 13th Lavender Hill to promote.
Joss passed out official proposals!
Transgender Day of Resilience & Rememberance
Proposed date/time: Sunday, November 20 1:30 PM
Possible, accessible, indoor venues: Nonprofit HUB, The Commons, Bennett Martin or Unitarian Church.
Others in our group suggested: Vine Church, Plymouth, St. Paul’s, St. Mark’s

Proposed activities: Introduce organizers/speakers, explain event’s purpose, explain the idea of adding “resilience,” readings, poems, essays shared by speakers, opportunity to share experiences, name of trans folks lost will be read, fellow/gendership for the conclusion of the time with potluck snacks

Button Designs (10m)
– CR is woefully short on general interest buttons, community, the arts, music designs.
– More identity flags as buttons in the future was proposed
– was suggested look for ideas on what’s trending
Other ideas include:
• Earth without Art is Eh
• We are the country your mother warned you about
• Jam session with jam jar image

– $419 needs to be made at FFP to be square on event expenses.
– Celebrate Unity had a kissing booth $5 each, first LGBT event in Lincoln the mayor attended! Cei volunteers to do the kissing booth…but soon worries about low popularity. :-(  Would need to get dental damns from somewhere – Planned Parenthood or some such if we are to do this. Cei alternately proposes $1 for a sucker, walking around the event with the sandwich board collecting funds.
• All but 4 vendors payments are IN! Lacey will continue to remind unpaid vendors. Remaining table & chair rental is now paid by check, thanks Andira.
-KZUM announcements will play 40 times from Sunday, Sept 18-the event and Lacey read the exact announcement wording aloud.
Bag update: Mike’s sister had to order stock through a different supplier and the bags should be complete in a week or two. Thanks Mike & Dvine Dsign!

Agenda items for next week:
-FFP logistics, volunteer roles

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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