Meeting Minutes 9/14/17

In attendance Bob (moderator), Mike, Heather, Nathan (co-moderator), Lacey (notetaker), Zach, Andira, Larry, Chelsea

Mini-do – FFP button creation!

October calendar draft – passed around the table

Finance Report – $6163.96 currently in treasury

Fall For Pride Volunteer Roles – Lacey runs through the Volunteer Roles google doc. Bob reminds the group to send any questions during FFP to the Information Booth. Reminders from the conversation:
-Updating contact list with current organizers. (This phone number list will be available at the Info Booth)
– Ladder – Lacey, bring one to the event!
– Consider security, does someone want to coordinate this?
– LPS should be contacted again this year. Lacey will do this.

Raffle tickets – Voted in approval, using both sets of raffle tickets, including the ones with “Indiana Ticket Co” printed on them. The numbers differ, so one set can live at the indoor CR booth, one at the Info Booth. Mike and Heather can pull off sets to take around the event to sell.

Raffle ticket prices: (Consensus approved) $1 each or 6 for $5

Facebook advertising: Outlinc and The Commons use facebook advertising effectively. Lacey offers some pricing options for promoting locally. Zach mentioned that live streaming might also be very effective. Zach mentioned asking Tyler of ACLU as a social media promotions resource. It sounds like folks are interested in pursuing local targeted advertising.

It is approved with consensus to spend a $35 budget on Facebook advertising from now until FFP or until our budget runs out. Lacey will create this ad, it will advertise the Fall For Pride 2017 event.

$29.36 in donations taken in at Streets Alive. Merchandise sales were not allowed.

Disk Drop game at FFP booth – Concerns include disk drop distracting from talking about Common Root’s mission, but it may draw people to our booth and start conversations. Another concern is competing with another button booth and Bob brings up that we cannot split the buttons up between info booth and CR’s indoor booth. Heather thinks it works because we have a free activity, just like other free activities. The same way we’re selling things, just like other booths. Lacey is concerned about not having buttons for sale at the outdoor booth, it might hurt our sales and exposure for the buttons. Andira felt the full booth display distracts from the very full table. Erica suggests we create a special Fall For Pride button for the disk drop game prize.

We can have merch both inside and outside. Vote in favor of having the disk drop game. The vote is over 2/3 majority in favor of the FFP button as the prize.

Unpaid Vendors:
AMN Collective
Animal Care Clinic (check is in the mail)
Asexuals of NE
Hummingbird Catering
Omaha Officiants/Inclusive Life
Mental Health Assn of NE
My Psychic Connection
Women’s Foundation

10-day grace period for late payments is approved. Any booths unpaid by September 23 will not have a booth space at Fall For Pride in order to finalize the maps and send to vendors to plan.

Bungee cords: approved, 3 sets of 24 for $12.99

Banner approved with FFP moved slightly to the right.

Zach suggests Heartland Pride for Common Root in future years. Consider splitting a booth with Outlinc or a lineup of Lincoln Pride groups, Start City Pride, Outlinc and Common Root.

Common Root participated two years ago and has trouble filling the volunteer slots ever since. It’s another hot afternoon, summertime booth. Still, worth considering if we can get the volunteers. We made more money than the booth fee last time.

Agenda items next week:
-October calendar (2m) Lacey

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin