Meeting Minutes 9/13/18

Present: Larry, Bob (Note Taker), Andira (Co Moderator), Lacey (Moderator)

Finance Report – Andira – Andira will post the current treasury balance on the organizing group. Estimated to be $7,650.00. Our auto pay for our rent has been corrected to pay the full $280/month, rather than $250/month.

T-Shirt Update – Andira – Will get pictures of shirt(s).

Porchfest Update – Andira – A scaled down version for this year has been officially cancelled.

Queerfest Update – Andira – Postponed, possibly as late as spring 2019.

Library Cart Update – Lacey – Voted yes (quorum) for Lacey to order the gray cart as approved on the organizing group. Cost $183.17

Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 27th

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