Meeting Minutes 9/12/19

9-12-19 Common Root Meeting

Present – Bob (Note Taker), Alexa, Nathalie, Andira (Co Moderator), Andie, Larry ( Moderator), Matt, Michael.

Hay Rack Ride – Matt – Matt proposed having a hayrack ride and/or bonfire event probably sometime in October. Roca Berry Farm has hayrack rides, although they are of the scary variety. A campfire costs $50 and they supply wood and skewers for roasting with an additional cost of $11 ea. JK’s Pumpkin Patch does hayrack rides to the pumpkin patch supplies a firepit ring for $40 and $11 ea. Admisiion. They start the fire & supply the wood, with skewers as available. Lincoln Parks & Rec. does hayrack rides. A question was asked “what is the purpose of such an event?” and the answer was that it was an “inclusive” event like all of CR’s events. No specific date or event proposed as yet.

Finance Report – Donna - $7,227.31 in CR’s account on 9/10/19.

Group Chat – Scratched from agenda

Ivanna Cone/Community Cone – Scratched from agenda

Nebraska Book Festival Recap – Bob - 2019 - Nebraska Book Festival CR took in $48 in sales.2018 - CR took in $41. 2017 - CR took in $28." Having a Little Free Library (unstaffed) table next to CR’s was great and much appreciated. CR volunteers helped pass out free bookmarks from that table. Many interesting attendees and conversations.

Event Changes – Nathalie – Updated events are not showing up on the website. CR needs to do a better job keeping our website up to date with events. Bob admitted he had website training but is not confident in updating his events himself, and has been relying on others. Nathalie proposed having another website training for those interested… probably in conjunction with a Community Lounge event. Rather than change event times if you are going to be late try to find a volunteer to cover for you, rather than change the time? Also mentioned using the Event Facillitator Form for those outside our group – we’ve been lax on using that form and it addresses the need for CR to have 2 weeks notice for event change or cancellation if possible. Further discussion online was proposed for who (Keyholders only?) should have access to updating the website. The biog takeaway is that changes to events & their times should be avoided as much as possible.

Nebraska History Museum – Bob – Guided tour scheduled for Nov. 2nd, and the museum would like an accurate a head count as possible for those attending. As an incentive, to indicate online that attendees were actually going, Bob asked if CR could provide a free CR button “Nevertheless She Persisted” if attendees posted interest. Voted YES for free buttons. (QUORUM)

Activism Opportunities, Medicaid Expansion & Climate Strike – Larry
Andira indicated interest in speaking on behalf of CR at the event ‘Press Conference: Stand for Expansion. Do Not Waiver’. (Yikes that’s a long fb event title!). This event is Friday, Sept. 20th at 8:30am at the State Capitol. All are encouraged to attend, even if you aren’t speaking.Also: the event ‘Nebraska Climate Strike’ will be Friday, Sept. 20th from 2:30 – 4:30pm. Meet at the fountain at the UNL Student Union and march to the Capitol at 3pm.

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