Meeting Minutes 9/11/14

Ailyne, Andi (note-taker), Azaria, Ember, Mike, Ben, John, Joey, Josslyn (moderator), Lacey

1) Occupy storage cleanup – Ember wants to help with her truck! We could maybe bring it to Free Saturday to sort with OL people.
2) Rape and Bullying Prevention – Work-group and meetings to discuss and tack actions. Write letters to churches and school boards.
-The I have a Name Project and Slutwalk Lincoln might be good groups to work with
-Possibly a sensitivity skill-share
-Consent discussion
3) We’re doing a disk-drop (plinko-type) game the the playing card fundraiser
4) Lacey did a work-shop with the button press.
5) Azaria’s art installation idea, “leave a thought, take a thought,” by Little Free libraries
-has explanation below
6) Event facilitator form – Lacey bought a draft
7) Lacey brought an outline for the Keyholder Handbook – we’ll talk about this more later – dedicate a meeting to it in Oct.
8) October Calendar – Community Support Circle is set for October 5th, 11am.
9) Online posting and non-solicitation statement – we could pin it to the top of the Collaborative group.
10) Featured book – Library will have member-pick recommendations

Treasury update for this week:

Andi put the following funds into our credit union account on Monday, Sept 15th:

$34.05 (Streets Alive donations)
$25 (dues for Kylie)
$10 (dues for Jacque)
$20 (dues for Lacey – $5 of her dues were used to pay for zine printing)
$25 (dues for Andi)
$10 (dues for Ailyne)
$10 (dues for John)
$134.05 total deposit

Toby Bartels

This makes a total of $1689.71 in the treasury.

Common Root Admin