Meeting Minutes 9/11/13

Present: Andrew Losh, Lacey Losh, Kris Barzydlo, Link Wallick, Toby Bartels, Ivanhoe, & Ben Steinke
Notes taken by: Ben Steinke

SPACE RENTAL: Link considering renting space downstairs for studio for her EGG organization (at a discount) after Kris leaves on Sept. 20th; people who visited last week decided not to rent here. 

LINK’S ORGANIZATION: Earth Garden Gatherers (EGG); has a website; repurpose recycled materials to put back into the community; service currently begin done in small part of Near South neighborhood; more service to be done in the future; will take CR’s recycled/recyclable materials for repurposing; will hold workshops/skillshares on repurposing recycled/recyclable materials; suggested incorporating EGG into CR!

KRIS’S ROOM: Kris to leave Lincoln on Sept. 20th; room will be available for rent thereafter.

FREE SATURDAY: Proposal for holding Free Saturdays at Bike Kitchen(?)—will contact Nick Svoboda; maybe contact Grace Lutheran Church, Unitarian Church, or a rec center/gym area (?), or other big, open spaces. 

BUTTON MAKER: Provisionally donating to CR $64 for 1,000 button parts and $219 donated for button press.

TREASURY: Electric bill paid; Current amount in treasury: $345.73.

INTERVIEW: Lacey to be interviewed about Common Root by Adam Hintz from Meadowlark Coffee; which she’s willing to do. 

NOVEMBER FUNDRAISER: Brian from Kinetic Brew offered to set up latte bar for November fundraiser!; Pepe Escobar to donate cooler of lemonade for free; water also free; Latte will be for sale.
Lots of people and businesses have donated stuff for fundraiser!!!!!; More businesses need to be contacted; Announcements to be made throughout the evening about bidding, band breaks, etc.; bring finger foods/hors’d’oevres; Lacey and Shaina will visualize use of spaces for event on Saturday before event; Ivanhoe wants to donate, too!

VEGGIE BAKE SALE: Pepe’s Bistro from 11am-3pm on Saturday, Sept. 14th; items will be mostly vegan.

FACEBOOK ADMIN: Ben and Link volunteered to be CR Facebook admins. 

STREETS ALIVE!: Clark would like to help out with our booth to get volunteer hours for Boy Scouts (potentially 5 hours). 

PESTS: Diatamaceous earth applied to several upstairs and downstairs spaces to cut down on pests. Seems to be working.


Toby Bartels

Who donated this button stuff again? It was Lacey’s parents who donated the button maker itself, I think, but what about the button parts? I don’t remember.


Toby Bartels

I’m pretty sure that Link was moderator.

Common Root Admin