Meeting Minutes 8/8/19

8-8-19 Minutes

Present: Emily, James, Moony, Bob (note taker), Margie, Lacey, Larry (moderator), Andira (co-moderator), Nathalie.

---Larry read the Common Root meeting rules.

---TransLNK Queer as Fall event – No report.

---Senior Civil Rights Investigator, Margie Nichols, with the Commission on Human Rights for the City of Lincoln spoke. It’s possible this office may assist with discrimination in transgender issues regarding the court system and health care. A LGBTQ resource group made up of city employees is being investigated and possibly formed, as they have no support group now. If there is any interest in joining such a group, or for any other questions you can contact Margie at 402-441-8690 or

---Finance Report – Donna - $7,448.57 in the credit union account.

Zines! – Moony – Moony wants to oversee the construction of zines. Moony has all the material for construction and there will be a zine-making event to put them together. Questions raised as to whether each zine will have a theme, like environment or politics, or just be overall general in nature.

September Events – Bob – Bob reminded everyone that CR’s calendar is very busy for September. A list of activities can be found under the ‘Files’ tab on the Organizational Group. It’s not recommend that you book events that conflict with football home games as parking is a nightmare downtown, parking garages charge $25 for the day, and no parking validations are accepted for home games.

CreateFestLNK – Bob – this event is Sunday, Sept. 15th from 11:30 to 2:30pm at Wyuka Stables, 3600 O Street. The facility is actually rented from 11am to 3pm. Any organizers planning to have an event within this event, such as Lacey’s photo walk, or Larry’s Open Mic, are asked to get their info to Lacey immediately in order to be included in event passouts, and media story submission.

VOTE/LFL Books for Distribution – Bob - It was VOTED YES that the CR space would be used for a week after the Little Free Library (LFL)  benefit at A Novel Idea on Sept. 6th, to distribute donated books to Lincoln

VOTE NE Book Festival Parking – Bob -It was VOTED YES that CR would compensate any organizers staffing the booth at this festival to pay for their all day parking by way of parking garage validations. It’s up to each booth volunteer to contact a Keyholder to be compensated.

VOTE – Lacey - Keyholder nomination for Nathalie Anderson. VOTED YES.

Tabling at Red State Fundraiser – Larry – It was VOTED YES that CR would pay the $5 entrance fee per entrant for anyone who wanted to be on the CR Trivia Team at The Hot Mess on Tuesday, 8/13/19 from 6:30 to 8pm.

1 CR Board Member
1 CR Keyholder
1 CR Member of the Organizational Group
1 Other

NEXT MEETING IS THURSDAY, Sept. 12th at 7:30pm.

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