Meeting Minutes 8/8/12

Notetaker: Shaina
Moderator: Lacey
Also attending: Andrew, Ashley, Jacque, Lamia, Qubit, Scott, Spencer, William

Police Situation: Reviewed Toby’s letter to the Police.

Resident Status: prospective tenants in the works…(Chris and Spencer)

Lawn Mowing: Weed Whacker…foliage extrication.

Calendar:  Key-holding members sign off on calendar events.  Alcohol policy-allowed…but be responsible and conscious of people’s behavior.  Meat-Policy:  semi-carnivorous…

Server: Shaina will take a look at equipment downstairs.

Phone: Google Voice, Magic Jack.

Creative Suite 4:  This laptop will be available for design use.

AC unit: Precariously perched.  William can build supports for it.

Zine: Leave open spaces…for hand-colored zines.  Color pdf for downloading, pdf plugin for site.

Herbal Medicine: glass jars needed Thursday…

New Location: Possible place for rent used for larger events.  Commercial living spaces.

Non-Profit status…benefits: getting grants.  Research acquiring non-profit status.

About Statement:??? To be presented later by Wiliam.

Excellent elipses…

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