Meeting Minutes 8/7/14

In attendance: Amanda, Autumn, Barbara Ben, Josslyn, Lacey, Mary Beth, Mike, Spencer & Toby

-Acoustic Concert Fundraiser-
Lacey and Andi will open the space by 6 PM & Spencer will come at 6 to setup
Doors open at 6:30 pm
7 PM Bands start – 40 minute sets each band – first Spencer (this machine), second Frailin’ Hearts and third JD
Spencer will bring a refreshment of some kind.
Josslyn – lemonade
Lacey – Quac & chips
Barbara – tea (maybe unsweetened)
Donna & Bob – cookies
Lacey will put a call out on facebook for someone to bring a bag of ice

-Update: Poetry at the Moon featuring Common Root!-
This will be on Monday, Oct 6th
3 readers: Andi, Barbara Salvatore and Rachel West
We can add more readers for CR or just have these three perform from 7-8 PM that evening.

-Zine Update-
Ben would like to do podcasts of Common Root Conversations available on the website
Written transcript of the interview with Wes & Scott will appear in the Common Root Zine Issue #7 and possibly split into future issues
Free software options: “Soundcloud” – you can get a certain amount for free to upload podcasts or “Bandcamp” – unlimited software for podcasts

-Streets Alive booth – we’re ON!

-Seedbombs class at CR 5th–
Possibly another date perhaps combined with the networking potluck?
Lacey will follow up and check the schedule with Ailyne and Josslyn.

-Free Saturday –
Lacey will take partial game of Mouse Trap to Free Saturday.
Amanda brings Jenga to donate to the CR Game Library

$25 new membership from Deanna Denny
$25 membership dues from Barbara Tracy
$8 buttons
$21 – partial membership dues for Mary Beth and Abbie (Unladylike)
Treasury: $1780.71

-501c3 Update-
It costs the amount. The IRS is 9 months backed up on processing 501c3 requests. There’s a list of requirements that we qualify for that is on a new EZ form.
Materials are ready and it looks like we’ll go the “short form” – the IRS will pull about 10% of the organizations and check to be sure they’re legit. Some are concerned that the folks doing the EZ form will be more readily audited and thus the call out on the CR collaborative group about getting our finances on accounting software of some kind.

The bar associations are pushing pro-bono work. Barbara will make phone calls and see if there’s a lawyer willing to answer a few questions about EZ form vs. long form application.


Lacey Losh

I forgot to post that Josslyn was the moderator and I (Lacey) was the note-taker at this meeting.

Common Root Admin