Meeting Minutes 8/7/13

Moderator: Ivanhoe
Notetaker: Shaina

Zine: Second draft is ready to be proofread.

Treasury: Rent from Ivanhoe and Howard, $200 from Kris, $500 to Landlord. Treasury is roughly at 600.
Toolbox: We have tools…but they are not centrally located perhaps we could find a good place where everyone knows where it’s at.

Streets Alive: have not heard if we could have a booth. They did receive our application. September 29th, Sunday.

Rubbish/Cockroaches/Cleanliness: Event on Friday. It’s easier to keep on top of dishes with the newly unclogged sink.
Should we have trash pickup? Talked to Howard about recycling…

Pies against the Pipeline fundraiser: September 8th, Sunday. Plenty of donations.
at Meadowlark, going well! Teaching events?
Furniture/TV: Table and couch…TV will be set up tonight.
Fundraiser: Fundraiser possibly at Pepe’s in November…possibly on a Sunday.
Donation of services, digital sine, art…local businesses could donate something to our fundraiser. Possibly the 10th of November 2Pm -5PM
High-Tea? Live Music provided by Azraq and Basharaat???

Neighborhood Walk-through: Edible Wilds possibly in September Possibly 14th, 22nd


Toby Bartels

‘Rubbish/Cockroaches/Cleanliness’: There’s nothing about cockroaches in this entry. Who has actually seen them? And where? We got rid of them when we first moved in, so we could get rid of them again, but we need more than rumours to go on.

Common Root Admin