Meeting Minutes 8/6/15

Andira (note taker), Azaria, Barbara, Ben (taking stack), Danielle, Chelsea (moderator), Lacey (comoderator), Mike, Sammi, Toby (.5)

Hand-rasing and voting procedure – Danielle – Added hand-signals but not voting, which is tabled

Hand Signals
Point of clairification
Point of process
Direct response
Withdrawl (suggested)

Voting: (TABLED)

New Volenteers – we have no process (TABLED)
We might create a handout (if someone wants to do so)
We might create a policy for introducing new people – Andira

Art Show – Mike and Barbara are opening, Andira and Lacey are closing
We have snacks but could use more sweets
The voting system has been established

Task Log – (voting TABLED, Trying it out)

Coordination Chart – we are implimenting this and Andira is maintaining it online

Names added to agenda items – YES

ARAN Meetings – Brian did not follow our facilitation proceedure for July.
Toby wants to addopt a policy at the next ARAN meeting, to fill out the form at the meeting, and be the facilitator himself. (TABLED FOR NEXT WEEK)

Josslyn has resigned from the borad of directors – Andira will ask her if she would still like to remain a keyholder
We voted for a thirty day notice period

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin