Meeting Minutes 8/4/16

– Sept calendar draft (2m) Lacey
– New space (tentative) (20m) Andira
– FFP vendor apps (5m) Lacey
– Set agenda – next FFP meeting (5m) All
– Help Bob setup for Art Show & Sale!
Moderator: Lacey
Co-Moderator: Andira
Recorder: Larry
Also Attending: Bob, Chelsea, Jazz

Andira talked about offering shared space with other organizations, becoming a Center and ‘front’ for these other orgs. Maybe do crowdfunding for tool library, seed library, ‘library of things’. With enough people, we might be able to have set hours, to answer questions and calls. Mentioned Repair café, Outlinc, levels of crowdfunding, whatever level of money we get can determine how much we could do. 

Church also mentioned, Chelsea mentioned renting out the hall space for other events, baby showers, reunions, etc. Jazz mentioned it will depend on how many people/orgs we could get involved. That could give us money. Lots of foot traffic. Need to be hard core if people don’t pay on time. Definite rules about stuff going into storage for non-payment. 

Larry looked at the site, noted a Pawn shop on the corner, possible parking is in the back (huge lot), parking across South Street is ours to use and a couple spots out front. If we can park in the back, can we get in & out the back door? Would work OK if so. Also saw an empty building across the street, formerly Adult shop. Didn’t get the number to call. Grovel, grovel. 

One FFP vendor application today:
Paparazzi Accessories, affordable fashion. Everything’s $5. Original designs, one of a kind. Produced in China by companies with elite labor standards. Consultant Courtney Kramer. Worried about it looking like an MLM deal. Thus far (and in 2015), we’ve kept it to only locally produced products and companies in the business / food vendor category.
Voted no – consensus

Lacey got a message from Sam who said last year he wanted to donate a sound system to CR. He wants to be called, Spencer said he would call. Adding 5 minutes for next week’s agenda. Bob hasn’t heard back from his contact on the sound system, but perhaps he will have by the next meeting.
(Note of Andira: Mentioning Fall For Pride Planning meeting at the Outlinc gathering on Tuesday. )

Next week’s agenda (FFP):
Sound equipment 5m, Lacey and Bob
Rainbow Flags (& clouds) 5 min. Lacey.

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin