Meeting Minutes 8/30/18

Present: Lacey (Moderator), Larry (Co-Moderator), Bob (Note Taker)

Nebraska Book Festival Booth – Bob – CR took in $41 in combined button, keychain & water bottle sales. 2017 Nebraska Book Festival CR took in $28. (From a post on FB)

T-Shirt Update – Andira – As Andira was sick this agenda item was moved to the next meeting. A general discussion of t-shirts asked if there is a price break for quantity/how many styles in how many colors does CR want to consider? It was brought up in regard to possible t-shirt sales at booths there are no booths left this season in which we can sell items so there is no reason to rush any decisions on t-shirt sales. It was also suggested CR may want to lower price of t-shirts CR already has from $10 to $5.

Cancelling Event Procedure Update – Lacey – To cancel a booked Foundry event go to the same site where the room was reserved, click on your booking and cancel from there. It may take as long as a week for the system to recognize a cancelled event so cancelling ASAP is important. With that said, Randy Hawthorne does not think it’s a pressing concern and hopes the system will update to overnight recognition of cancelled events sometimes in the future.

Book Cart – Lacey – Lacey will post a link to the organizing group of a book cart we can consider purchasing.

Lincoln Atheist Game Night – Lacey – This group recently lost the space (Sparta) where they held their game nights and reached out to CR. They might consider moving their game nights to The Foundry until Sparta reopens in another location. 

Next meeting : Thursday, Sept. 13th, 7:30-9pm.

CR Voting Quorum (not reached at this meeting, no voting occurred):
1 – Board member
1 – Keyholder
1 – member of CR Organizational FB group
1 – Other attendee

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