Meeting Minutes 8/28/13

Minutes for Common Root Collective Space Meeting 8/28/13

Present: Andrew Losh, Lacey Losh, Toby Bartels, Kris Barzydlo, Shaina Ellison, and Ben Steinke

GARDEN SPACE: Ben wanted to help tend garden space on West side of house; requested space for himself and for donation to the collective space on North side of house. All present gave approval.

TRASH SERVICE: Shaina talked to D&D Trash Service; they charge $21.50/ month for weekly services on Thursdays. Approved by all present.

PESTS: William has suggestion for concentrated solution for killing pests. Kris also suggested a non-toxic, cheaper solution. Kris’s suggestion approved by all present. 

BUTTON MAKER: 1 ¾ “ button maker to be purchased by Donna for points. Common Root to purchase button puncher and button parts for about 1,000 buttons. Approved by all present. Shaina to order puncher and Donna to purchase maker and parts.

STREETS ALIVE!: Event on September 29th, 2013 from 1-5 PM to promote physical activity and healthy eating. Common Root to have booth at still as yet unknown location. 

CARETAKER: Lacey suggested future resident could take care of cleaning before events, taking recyclables, and etc., kind of like a caretaker role in exchange for reduction in rent. 

CALENDAR: September 2013 calendar signed off by all present.

FUNDRAISER: We have another offer for artwork by artist named Alicia for November 10th fundraiser silent auction (fundraiser at Pepe’s Bistro)! Lacey suggested reciepts for artists. Mary Ann Shiech offered to donate baked goods! Shaina and her band to play at fundraiser! Lacey asked about possible cover charge or suggested donations for event. Suggested donation of $3 instead of cover charge? Suggested donation approved. Finger foods and desserts to bring also suggested. Shaina suggested PA system for announcements (i.e., bidding). Andrew suggested bringing big screen monitor for slide show of Common Root photos to inform people about the house and its history. 

TREASURY: $529.22 currently in treasury; approxiamately $354.34 after pending utilities.

COMMON ROOT FACEBOOK GIVEAWAY: Announcing winner on Friday; drawing name tomorrow for prizes.

501(c) 3 STATUS: When CR has money for it, CR will apply for 501 (c) 3 non-profit status.


Toby Bartels

Presumably Andrew was note-taker and Lacey was moderator.


Toby Bartels

No, Ben was note-taker!

Common Root Admin