Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 8/25/16

Meeting Start 7:32pm cst
Meeting End 8:55pm cst

Present: Lacey, Andira, Heather, Josslyn, Chelsea, Cei, Spencer & Larry

-Rules of meeting were outlined
-Agenda was outlined and noted, no objections to agenda
Agenda/Points of business:
September calendar
Rainbow Flags will be lent to Fall For Pride (FFP) by Star City Pride (point of contact is Kimmer). Booth for Star City Pride will be at no cost to them, approved with consensus.

Inclusion of other identity flags was suggested, perhaps by borrowing from the community. An activity of making an identity flag/s on a large banner of paper (get paper from Cei) was suggested. This is a free community activity and can be done with crayons, markers, etc.
For future events, Pat Tetreault from UNL may be a contact for ordering mass quantities of flag and flag-type products

FFP volunteer tasks were discussed, volunteers are needed

FFP maps were distributed and explained, found to be acceptable

Indoor booth space has been exhausted at 16 booths. These booths will be adjacent to each other. Indoor booth tables and chairs MUST remain indoors.

Outdoor booth space has not been exhausted. Outdoor booths have an approximate 10 foot perimeter per booth. Booths will be assigned/identified by organization name, so that they may be located by vendors.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 for vendors to apply to participate in FFP.

The FFP meeting held on October 6, 2016 will be held at the Antelope Park FFP venue. Voted and approved with consensus. If the weather is inclement, the meeting will be at the Common Root location. The 7:30pm time applies regardless of location. This change was proposed, voted upon and accepted.

Raffle ticket prices were approved – $1 per ticket or 10 tickets for $8.

Music line up is as follows: Morbs, Alex Gypsy Jazz, Bien Fang, TMKV (A vote was taken to approve inclusion of Spencer’s band, Spencer abstained from voting. The inclusion was approved with concesus.)

Of vendor applications which were received, new vendors which were approved included: Robert Dyas, LUX Center for the Arts, AMN Collective and Makayla Schippert. Anyone who had been a previous vendor was also approved.

Free activities offered by vendors, discussed, included a child/parent music participation activity and a yoga session (ensure waivers for yoga). Both are approved with consensus.

Bathroom sign language has been approved by the city Ombudsman/Department of Parks and Recreation so that festival goers may use the restrooms appropriate to the gender they identify to/with. We need to add our event name to these signs.

KZUM radio advertisement and sponsorship has been offered in trade for visual advertisement of their logo and brand + banner hanging on stage, and vendor booth space. This is a $400 value. The group votes and approves with consensus.

A LGBTQIA+ History Month dinner advertisement (1/8 page) will be purchased (Thank you, Larry for the $20 contribution) for FFP as the dinner precedes the festival by just a few days. The cost to CR’s treasury is $20. Approved with consensus.

Future Business to be discussed:
-Beehive collective
-New space
-Porchfest call for volunteers / Q&A
-call for volunteers – Streets Alive

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin