Meeting Minutes 8/21/14

In Attendance: Ailyne, Andi, Alicia, Amanda, Barbara, Ben, Diana, John, Josslyn, Lacey, Sammi, Spencer & Toby

Jo’s Jelly dropped off a package of jelly.

Phase One: EZ filed and reduction in treasury with fee required. ETA is indeterminate.
Phase Two: Takeover Nebraska

Concert Fundraiser:

Test to see if a PA would be required. (Spencer)
Lacey/Andi open and Ben close
Review of everyone who was going to bring snacks and beverages.
Black Bean Dip- Ailyne
Review of Press Release Distribution

Zine Update:
Publish first part of trans* interview in the zine and move additional material to on-line site to drive traffic.

Streets Alive! Sign-up Volunteer:
Form Passes Around to Sign-up

September Calendar:
Review calendar and game night event (removed possibly due to Cox Event)

Seed bombs:
Ailyne and John will be posting adverts on social media.

Queer Movie Night:
Johnny Guitar or maybe additional titles will finalize at next meeting.


Vegan Potluck:


Toby Bartels

And with the penny that I found in the robot that Andi graciously opened for me, we now have $1606.15!

Common Root Admin