Meeting Minutes 8/20/15


Andira, Ben (moderator), Chelsea, Danielle (.25), Lacey (co-moderator), Mike (note-taker), Scott, Shea


1 Art calendar update (25m) (Lacey)

2 Coordination Chart (5m) (Andira)

3 Calendar Drafts (2m) (Lacey)

4 Broad of Directors Section 4 (15m) (Danielle)

5 Welcome Packet (10m) (Ben & Danielle)

6 Box fans (5m) (Lacey)


Art Calendar Update
-Decided on which art pieces would be going on which month. Lacey will be posting a proof before we print them.
-Shea suggested doing an unveiling social event for the calendars once they are done.

Box fans
-Voted to acquire 2 box fans. Treasury is prepared to reimburse Jen H. $20 for the fans once acquired.

Broad of Directors Section 4
-Reviewed wording on section 4 of the Board of Directors Agreement.
-Alterations were voted on and approved.

Welcome Packet
-Ben discussed his ideas for the layout of the welcome packet. 


[x] Researching Generators (Danielle, 8/27/15)

[ ] Water Options (Azaria) (8/27/15)

[x] Looking up brick/mortar location for printing price match (Lacey, 9/3/15)
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin