Meeting Minutes 8/17/17

In Attendance: Lacey (moderator), Andira, Josslyn, Nathan, Sari, Jon, Mike B, Heather, Bob (note taker), Marci (co-moderator), Erica (co-co-moderater)

—FFP Passport/Raffle Details – All – It was felt there is still too much planning & design work to do regarding this, with a short amount of time to do it, so this idea was scrapped for 2017 FFP.

—Sept. Calendar – Lacey – Passed around for edits.

—Music & Poetry II – Bob – Friday Oct. 27th at Cottonwood 9:30pm to 12:30am. Voted yes for a $100 donation to Common Root to be used as a divided payment to each of the performers. Donation jar at event, voted yes to be split 3 ways between CR & the 2 performers. Voted yes for 10% of sales at Cottonwood during event to be split between CR & the 2 performers. 

—FFP Performers – Bob – Voted yes to sell performer’s merchandise at CR booth if they make it avalailable, with 100% of sales to go to respective performers.

—FFP Vendor/Sponsor Applications – Lacey
-Omaha Officiants – Approved
-Eccentric Ferret – Aproved
-Asexual of Nebraska – Approved
-PFLAG – Approved
-Star City Pride – Approved for free vendor space in exchange for use of Pride flags during FFP
-ConStellation – Approved booth with no free food/brownie distribution from their booth.
-ACLU of Nebraska – Approved sponsorship to include their logo in promotion of FFP. Voted yes that CR offers one level up sponsorship from actual dollar donation received.
-OMT/Divine Women’s Resale – Approved $100 sponsorship of FFP

Look Sharp & Anti Fascist Work – Andira – There will be a conservative/right wing demonstration at the Capitol on Sept. 9th. It was thought Look Sharp could promote having community discussions around an antifascist agenda, and possibly passing out leaflets at counter demonstrations on the same day. Having a specific Look Sharp Facebook group or page to promote the same was also discussed.

Puzzle Swap – Erica – Having a puzzle game swap event at the CR space was discussed. Heather, Mike & Bob are interested in hosting, Erica will facilitate.

Red Theater – Erica – This performance group writes their own skits and will be performing at the indoor stage of FFP. Red Theater asked for ideas for some skits to be done at FFP and numerous ideas will be forwarded to them.

Geofilter – Sari – Sari & Jon will donate the cost of putting a Geofilter on photos taken at FFP and posted to SnapChat. Geofilter puts a location on the photos. Lacey will design it.

FFP Sound System – Lacey – Previously voted yes to spending $250 to rent a sound system for outdoor stage at FFP. Voted no to CR purchasing a sound system for $750.

James Nocito/Pulse Nightclub FFP Display – Andira – Sari suggested the Alszheimer’s Assoc. may be able to donate tableclothes for this display at FFP.

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 31st

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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