Meeting Minutes 8/16/18

Present: Erica (Co-Moderator), Weston, Donna, Lacey, Bob (Note Taker), Andira (Moderator)

Quick Financial Update – Lacey & Andira – A late $25 donation from Give To Lincoln Day has been received. At the end of July CR’s Treasury was at $7,000.46.

Finalize September Calendar – Lacey – the calendar was passed around for edits.

Followup Riley Letters – Michaela, Andira, Lacey – Numerous people have contacted Legal Aid of Nebraska (who is willing to initiate a call to Riley) and also State Senator Adam Morfield and other organizations to see what assistance they can offer Riley. Individual organizers are encouraged to send their own letters of support to Riley. Here’s the original letter CR received:
“Common Root,
I am a 25 year old transwoman in NDCS custody. I am currently on my 2nd lawsuit for treatment for my Gender Dysphoria. Is there anything or any way you can help me? And what all resources do you offer? And would it be possible for me to use your resources while in prison?
Please and thank you!
Ms. Riley Shadle #82297
PO Box 22800
Lincoln, NE 68542-2800″

Free Saturday Hosting – Bob – Numerous months are in need of a host. October, December & February. Bob will host December’s Free Saturday event. A post on the CR Organizing Group will also be made.

Community Crops Collaboration – Andira – Andira will have a Community Crops table at this month’s Free Saturday event on Aug. 18th. Community Crops is also donating a $75 ticket to their Aug. 25th Feast on the Farm event to to given away as a raffle prize. It was Voted and APPROVED that CR provide Community Crops with 15 free buttons for their volunteers.

Maple Lodge Brainstorm – Lacey – CR has been offered the use of Maple Lodge Park home & surrounding grounds for an upcoming event – free of charge. It is located at 20th & Garfield Streets. Many possible suggestions were offered and discussed such as a mini Fall For Pride, a music event with rotating bands, Queerfest or a “CreateFest” with a local photographer shoot possibly in conjunction with a writers marathon and/or silent reading activities. This event might not be scheduled until summer or fall of 2019. This will be an ongoing discussion.

Cancelling a Foundry Event – Procedure – Recently a CR event was cancelled at the last minute which raised the question as to how we should cancel a Foundry event re: the room booking. The room would remain on the Foundry calendar unless it’s removed, and the door might be unlocked during the period no one is there. Lacey will email Randy Hawthorne with how a canceled event should be handled with regard to The Foundry space & report back.

Nebraska Left Coalition event – Andira – “Red State is a one-day conference designed to bring leftists across the Great Plains together to discuss collective liberation and the Marxist and socialist politics that will get us there.” From 9:30 – 5pm at Unitarian Church. Are there any volunteers willing to have a Common Root presence there? As this is the same date/time as The Nebraska Book Festival it’s problematic as CR already has a booth that day.

CR T-Shirts – Andira – Andira will research cost & quantities required in considering to supply CR volunteers with a CR t-shirt for free, or at cost, or selling price to be discussed.

The next CR Meeting will be Thursday, Aug. 30th from 7:30-9pm
Voting Quorum:
1 – Board member, 1 – Keyholder, 1 – member of CR Organizational FB group, 1 – Other

Common Root Admin