Meeting Minutes 8/14/13

CLARK: Putting in volunteer hours for Boy Scouts of America! Welcome and thank you, Clark!!
FORUM: Toby has database files for old forum; now redirects to Common
PESTS: Kris suspects bedbugs in house (?); Obtain DDT for killing bedbugs? Discussed suggestions for Kris laundering his sheets and other fabrics in dryer.
TREASURY: Common Root has $329.22 as of tonight’s meeting; awaiting rent payments from 2 residents. Expect possible raise in cable rates?
BATTERIES: Andrew wants to buy rechargeable batteries for Common Root front porch sign.
FUNDRAISER: November 10th, 2013 at Pepe’s Bistro (3227 S. 13th Street) from 2-5 PM—Common Root Mutual Aid Center silent auction fundraiser! Toby knows an artist from Occupy who might donate artwork.
GOALS: William is proposing that Common Root be a sponsor for the Occupy Lincoln Community Garden (due to Common Root’s non-profit status); also proposing an idea for forming another collective house; talk to Occupy people for information about networking with local artists and businesses for Common Root Fundraiser; maybe split proceeds from fundraiser among Common Root, Occupy, Bike Kitchen, etc.?; discussed further the concept of the collective space as a HUB/NETWORK for helping people achieve their personal and collective goals, helping people hook-up with others and expand their activism efforts as a NETWORKING FACILITATION ORGANIZATION; suggestion for a one-page newsletter put out weekly or bi-weekly with news, calls for help with gardening, events, etc., and discussion of what a collective is, etc., or maybe just a separate website for that same purpose; further discussion about an Occupy publishing project and a future book construction session on or about September 16th.

Those present at meeting: Andrew Losh, Toby Bartels, William Matchett, Benjamin Steinke, and Clark (last name?).


Toby Bartels

We usually only use first names in the minutes anyway.

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