Meeting Minutes 8/1/12

Present:  Andrew (moderator at first), Ashley (late, official moderator), John U, Lacey, Qubit, myself (Scott, note-taker), Shaina, Toby, Will-i-am.  Ashley was outside watering and watching for trouble.

Agenda items:
Zine, AC support, trees, new location, new residents (and old), locks!, website, “about” statements, and of course our favorite topic, Kurt Wagner, aka Nightcrawler.

Lacey brought a zine draft that features some but not all the items that were submitted.  Alan’s quote, my photos and tiny piece, and maybe something else are in the hushmail account.  We talked about giving Shaina a second cartoon spot, and there are a few other things from both William and Andrew that could be incorporated, plus recipes.  Scott (that’s me) thinks we can get another full sheet of paper out of what we have or can get.  And we should because we don’t want a single (awesome) Occupy article to appear to be the entire contents.

John wants us to avoid the second rinse on the washer.  He is happy with the current arrangement, and was wondering what the “new location” element was on the agenda.

More on the zine:  Lacey wants to know whether we want to name ourselves.  William is OK with names, Scott wants to be called the Agitator, and we have multiple editors.  Lacey will send to anyone and just tell her what edits to make.  Andrew mentioned the idea of getting together to edit or review… maybe next meeting Lacey says?  Should we staple it?  Maybe.  Scott will bring some form of stapler.  16 cents a copy without folding or stapling.  We’re talking maybe 100 copies.  William wants to not have his article be on the reverse of the calendar.  There are numerous things we can put on there instead so no problem.

Regarding the About statement, should it be in the zine?  Do we have any revisions to what we have on the calendar yet?  No?  But William had some interesting ideas… there was a sheet.  It wasn’t white.
William also has some stuff he typed up. Maybe 10 hours worth… eesh.

11th of Aug is still the zine launch party!    Maybe next deadline in October… early October. And we will not be lighting them on fire.

Re: downstairs AC support… wobbly and leaky.  Defrost?  Turn off? How to get it supported?  Never shuts off and it has ice.  Settings/ energy saver thing doesn’t really seem right.  Need to shut it off at night.  L brackets would make a lot of sense, per William.  He and Qubit will take a look at it.  There are boards in the shed.

Trees!  Ashley is now moderating.  Dangerous hanging limbs.  Toby said he hasn’t mentioned to landlord.   Landlord put a snake down the sink.  Toby will take a look at the tree limbs and will talk to the landlord.  We need Jai’s trapeze, or a sharpened boomerang.  Landlord cut the easy stuff but left the hard part per Wm.

New location!  We want a better landlord and stuff.  Keep in the back of our minds, get a list of what we’re looking for… maybe partner with other groups.  We have some obstacles to having one person on a lease and nonprofit status etc. would help.  Talk to ACLU and see if they can recommend someone to help.  SCORE…  pro bono consulting.  Flipping collective houses anyone?  Take mansion donations from the rich?  If we change locations, John says don’t forget about him and his equipment.

New residents!  Qubit, Spencer… Ashley.  Spencer has not signed lease paid money or anything yet.  Qubit has done that today and is moving in.  $100 for the genie’s lamp/closet, $200 for the below room, and $250 each for the upstairsies.  Spencer is now filling stuff out, but doesn’t have deposit yet.  Wants to pay that in a week, or in any event, has partial payment. He gave Toby a $200 check… There’s a $250/mo. room available too. There isn’t a real shower, and only one room upstairs has AC.  William gave Toby a receipt for some stuff.  Scott hasn’t presented his for the AC yet.

RE: locks, William has rekeyed the knobs but hasn’t done the deadbolts.  He wants to rekey the deadbolts to match the knobs.  Meanwhile, watch your back and lock the knobs. Rotten sausages have been evicted.

Speaking of Kurt, he has been texted that he can get the mail in the mailbox.  There is a facebook conversation from last night… we are now basically rehashing that conversation. Get the report and let police know that we’re in legal proceedings and they should not have been allowed to wander in without knocking.  Talking also about holding mail at post office.  Return to sender?  Qubit needs to see that convo.  We will friend him and invite.  John also wants to be friends… he doesn’t necessarily want to be shown the convo but had a lot of insight into the police’s appearance with Kurt. Qubit says to file a complaint/report of what has happened.

William just went out to check the mail.  Toby is still texting Kurt or making notes or what have you.  He has legally vacated the premises.

Website!  No mo lunk logo!  Calendars updated!  Everything works.  Lots to change still.  Nothing changed re: hosting since last week.  Copy everything over to site and delete the and redirect that to  Will have to do a lot of complicated stuff on… Toby will consult Shaina if needed.  Redesign from ground up or just copy all that crap?  Do we need to have a work party for the website too?  Brian added plugins to the WordPress code.  We want a nicer site.  John has some skills too but they’re all “from scratch” skills.  Toby wants to do the website hosting changes this month.  Shaina asked about the bandwidth hosting option… Media might make it more expensive.  Considerations.  Shaina has 10 sites on her hosting account and they pay her.  $10 a year.  Nearlyfreespeech should be less than that.  Barebones WordPress?  What do all those add-ons do?  Hello Dolly is automatic.  Forum and two other things Toby doesn’t understand.  And then there’s the zine blog.  Shaina has volunteered to help with stuff.

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