Fall For Pride Planning Meeting 8/11/16

-Support Group (5m) Maddie
– Sept. calendar draft (2m) Lacey
– Sound equipment update (15m) Bob, Lacey & Spencer
– Rainbow Flags (& clouds?) (5m) Lacey & Fette
– Volunteer sign-up (10m) Lacey
– Reminder – Auld Pavilion Tour (3m) Lacey
– Reminder – Invite vendors (5m) Lacey
– Gypsy Jazz (5m) Lacey
BREAK (5m)
-Bathroom sign (5m) Lacey
– FFP Vendor Apps (10m) Lacey
– New space update (15m) Andira
– No meeting next week – Ignite Lincoln 8!!!

Recorder: Larry
Moderator: Lacey
Co-Moderator: Bob

Also Attending: Chelsea, Andira, Isabel, Ollie, Maddie, Heather, Ryan (Fette), Sam, Spencer

Support group: Trans specific support group. (not specifically youth). Looking for welcoming place for support, information, community. Mentioned the NE Trans community group. Maddie could be a facilitator, would need a keyholder to open the space, could go on the OutLinc calendar. Sounds like most local Trans support groups are in Omaha. Maddie & friends have started a plan/rules for the proposed support group.

Sept. Calendar was passed around for edits/additions.

Sound equipment update: Sam offered his set up, 30,000 watts available. Can provide sound that would enable everyone in the back could hear. Also has smaller 5,000 watt system that should suffice, the price is right, he’s offering that for free. Sounds like this would make our music presentations very professional and slick. Many thanks Sam! 

Rainbow Flags: Lacey messaged Kephanie about borrowing them again from Star City Pride. She will check with the Star City Pride board for approval. Getting more than one flag type of flag was discussed briefly. May discuss at the Aug. 25th FFP meeting.

Volunteer sign-up: Many tasks still to fill, passed around the sign-up sheet. We will also ask for more volunteers on-line, neighborhood extra has helped get the word out. 

Lacey mentioned the FFP fundraiser next Sunday, (Thanks Spencer!), we may have some new people volunteering including GoPo students. Also, Fette is in contact with a diversion program that could be a source of volunteers. 

Gypsy Jazz: Lacey’s favorite type of music. Alex Zappala can play acoustic Gypsy Jazz (at least 2 people in group.) Interested in having them on the outdoor stage if they can play a 45 min set. Lacey will inquire. 

Auld Pavilion reminder a week from tomorrow, 3 PM meeting to measure the inside of the pavilion and stage. 

Invite vendors: Currently have about half as many vendors as last year at this time. We’re trying to get more signed up, Pepe was mentioned, Health Dept. was mentioned. Vendor prices were reviewed for the new people helping out. Trying hard to do a bit better than break even this year. May have Progressive Nebraska Table there to rove around and registering folks to vote. Maybe Progressive Nebraska booth too! So long as they don’t endorse a specific person/candidate. 


Restroom signs, wording: “Gender diversity is welcome here. Please use the restroom that best fits your gender identity or expression.”
Fette brought up we might want to check the legal definitions in Lincoln. Lacey will email the State Ombudsman. 

FFP vendor apps:
Vine Church (VERGE): Returning vendor. Not selling, distributing information.
Vote Passed.

Matty Mata: Selling vintage finds & treasures, paper items. Artist, individual.
Vote Passed.

Caitlin Abele Independent Artist (comics!) Bi-sexual, mugs, commissions etc.
Vote Passed.

Jackie Spackmen, Ten Thousand Villages: FairTrade retail store. (Non-profit). Sounds like informational/ not selling.
Vote Passed.

New space update:
Andira same space as last week, 14th & south st. Looking to get others that are looking for a nice space to hold events and office space. Shares parking with a church, so Sundays may be an issue. Additional 2.50 / sq. ft. Currently figuring us using the entire space. We could have a ‘tour’ of prospective orgs that might be interested in going in with us. Also considering a crowdfunding for getting us into that space. Huge space, and includes the basement. Upstairs tenants are only businesses that will only be there business hours, (8-5). So we could have music there. Also we could sign lease as a non-profit org. Sam mentioned a possible place coming open soon at 19th & Q, $700, probably smaller total than our current space, but all open. We might be able to get office space as well in the same building.
Contact is Seth (402) 515-1532. Retain a just Nebraska is currently getting a good deal. 

Maddie mentioned the suites at Jewel of the Lotus group’s area. Apparently there has been bad experience with that area in the past, especially some people had trouble finding it. 

No Meeting next week, please come to Ignite Lincoln & vote for CR.

Agenda items for Aug. 25th.
Volunteer roles (5m) Lacey
Auld Pavilion simple map (15m)
Sept. Cal. Draft (2m)
All the flags (15m)
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

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