Meeting Minutes 7/9/15

Attendance: Lacey – Moderator, Amy – Co-moderator, Shea – Notetaker
Ben, Azaria, Andira, Mike, Clark, Jen H., Danielle, Amanda, Chelsea

-Jen gets new computer and talk new check prices at next BORING meeting.
The Militant – renew? No. Nobody cares to renew, unless Barbara wishes to. 

-Hold off on Board rules until more Board members arrive,

-Outlinc Meeting – Andira went to the board meeting. They are interested in holding their meetings at CR in the future.
Passes unanimously.

-Calendar Draft – Passing around August & September

-Zine – Printed! Going online tomorrow. 

-Pass around “Give to Lincoln Day” Thank yous for signing.

-Space Safety – Discussion of drama on CR FB organizing page
Something we need to watch for and prevent possible future negative event. 

Banning policy and threshold – People normally just show up. They don’t “warn” us about showing up. So how would we handle this situation?
Zero tolerance to making the space feel unsafe. 

Given a warning maybe?
Events outside of the space – more people are showing up and the stakes are increased. Children, families, etc. We do not want someone we feel is a danger to others at these events. 

If one is banned from any events, then one would be banned to all events
Strongly suggests revisit – CR volunteer T-Shirts/Sashes/Capes An identifier to the public who is the facilitator in case a situation arises. 

Has anyone been banned? Yes, one. 

Banning policy – It is suggested that new key holders learn the individual(s) who have been banned/who CR has had trouble with in the past and the situations that happened. 

BORING Meeting – morality clause (Chelsea suggested) 

Table this conversation for next meeting. 

Intermission – 5 minutes

Edit to ground rules – Reprint and make it official that the co-moderator keeps track of time? Voted Yes.

Rule – Only volunteer yourself. Vote – Unanimous Yes.

Complaint letter – Explained the situation – passed around the correspondence.
Report to BBB about the poor customer service and quotes?
Ask specifically for a manager in a phone call to discuss if the first quote could be upheld.
Azaria volunteered herself to check with Sprint Print on a quote for the calendar.
Complaint letter signed by the Board of Directors (as an official end to our business there.)
Letter of dissatisfaction or that we are taking our business elsewhere? Andira expressed that the letter is a bit of both and only in time will tell.
Will continue this on an organizational page on FB

Organizational Roles – No expectations for the board laid out
what would we like to see from the board members?
Board members
Board members are legally liable. Deal with “boring business” aspects of CR.
“Position of organizational responsibility than a working board.”

Reasonable request that they show up to things (events but particularly meetings)

This should not be a suggestion but a requirement. We’d like input on what minimum # of attended meetings should be.

Question – how do you become a board member? – because we were active members
who decided you were a board member? – mostly individuals stepping up to it. Consensus decision to vote in new board members.

Quorum – 1 Board member, 3 keyholders, and 1 anyone else.
Do you have terms for the board member? – No, serving indefinitely until resigned.
(Ben) Remaining a board member due to absence – some circumstances are outside of one’s control than choosing not to attend.
Ben would like to consider stepping down as a board member so someone can step up and have the position. He feels he has been out of the loop in so many respects.
Worry is expressed that if something legally happens here, some board members would have no idea and not be in the loop, yet still legally liable.
Suggestion of term limits – not to vote people out- things change and would keep things fresh.
Discussing term limits – ongoing consensus seems prudent but then there is the issue of seeing that all the responsibilities are handled. No one should rush to make decisions about those who have been absent but we should at least set the terms and then the people decide if they can agree to them or not and continue for there.
Instead, the terms should outline that meetings so many are expected.

Three total board members is the base requirement for the nonprofit.
Up for renewal (we don’t hold elections) commit to a certain time and then renew the “lease” for the term.
Decision on what the attendance policy should be for a board of directors needs to be made. No call / no show policy – hold people accountable for communication. Contact anybody that will be there if not posting on FB.
Post something in CR that explains who the Board of Directors is and their roles.
What should be the attendance? Once a week? Once a month? Minimum twice a month?
Chelsea – 50% rule is important. BORING every other week? Offer 4 hours of their time out of 30/31 days.
Maybe it is much to expect meetings and a specific board meeting. Rule being that each board of director agrees to be at one of our regular meetings. Each board of director guarantees they can be at at least one meeting and one meeting for all the board members to fill each other in. 

No major votes will be made tonight as we will talk about it next week. We will ask all board members to attend and contribute to the conversation, as a couple couldn’t make it tonight.
Define the roles –
Table this for next week

Agenda for next week –
Vote on expectation for Board members to attend meetings
Define Roles next week
People come with suggestion for roles
We need insurance information from Toby for our locking cabinet and FFP
volunteer/task log & timeline
Board member agreement forms (draft up? Sign new ones?)
LGBTQ groups – naming/update from Shea
Recap of pride events from the weekend
Ban Rules/Guidelines
Entertainment lineup FFP
Activities Update

Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin