Meeting Minutes 7/7/16

Present are Scott, Chelsea Lemburg, Heather, Bob, Larry, Andira (co-moderator), Lacey (moderator) & Jazz

Larry was recorder 

Contact Spencer M. Electronic equipment for FFP (5m) Bob
August Calendar draft (2m) Lacey
Andi scheduled time/date to measure Auld Pavillion
Jazz suggested a Trans discussion group here.

Re-usable Bags for FFP? (5m) Sammi

Mike spoke with his sister, says Sammi really wants to use recycled cotton, we’d need to sell them for 15 to 20 dollars. Might be able to go with recycled plastic material bags. 

Discussion about price point of bags and non-local businesses.

Trans/Non-binary project (5M) Jazz
Was going to try to have pronoun buttons, that fell through. Suggestion to contact other trans orgs that may have youth contacts. 

Raffle Update (10m) Heather
Inclusive life donated many things.
The Lux sent $40 of Lux Bux good for one year.
Fresh Start Home giving GC to the Daisy Thrift shop.
Lincoln Underground giving three copies of their Zine.
Probably have our booth inside this year and very distinct from the rest of the tables. 

Ignite Lincoln (10m) Lacey
Need to plan a speech/pitch for our 144 seconds.

Topics: Community, inclusiveness, social responsibility, free Saturday, FFP, Porchfest, community Support circle, Skillshares, Equality! Collaborating with other orgs. 

Emphasis we’re all volunteer, everyone has a voice, Lacey is very passionate and would be an excellent representative for us all.

Button donation (5m) Lacey

Nebraska Trans community asked if we could donate them some “I’ll go with you” or other trans friendly buttons for them to give away at Lincoln Pride.
After some discussion, we voted not to make this donation at this time. 

Jazz is planning to bring a solar powered light to illuminate a common root sign from behind.

FFP Vendor apps (20m) Lacey

Rachel Miller – artist. Homemade skin care and art. Indoor, single table no chair. Yes
Newt’s Cute Loot – hand-made pride themed hair accessories, etc. 2 tables, no chairs Yes
Inclusive Life – Org. non-profit, informational booth, promoting inclusive rituals. Indoor 1 table, 2 chairs Yes
Big Luvs Barbeque. food truck. Indoor booth? 2 tables, 1 chair. Yes
Goldenrod pastries business/food vendor. Vegan & other dietary restrictions. Indoor booth 1 table Yes
Heather So What Slam single table indoor. Yes

Fundraising dinner (10m) Andira

Could have fundraising dinner at Hub Café, mingling, talking with potential donors, separating them from their money. Bob suggested possibly might try the Railroad Bar. Follow-up next week. (10m)

Set Agenda next mtg. (Boring) (5m) All
Become more active to finding new space. Heather (5m)
Hub Café Follow-up next week. Andira (10m)

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