Meeting Minutes 7/6/17

Tammy, Larry (moderator), Josslyn (co-moderator), Andira & Lacey (note-taker)

-August Calendar – passed around, first draft

-FFP Vendor apps – My Psychic Connection, Journey Ryan – Approved – Tammy is his contact

-Podcast Party – Fun! Like a book club. We could sit around and listen to a podcast or we could assign a podcast to listen to and come to discuss. It should be podcasts available for free. It could have themes like the Feminist Reading Group used to. Josslyn will consider one on for August.

-Button Order Process – We could do a web order form on the website. We can put the 1up each button sheet on the website for people to order from, too.
We can then followup with specifics. Also, we can use the 1up sheet as the inspiration.

Having the button maker at booths to let people choose their buttons and make them on site was suggested. Concerning online ordering, we could look into squarespace – $26-40 a month. 

Voted & approved button order form on current website.

-Treasury update – $4147.60 currently in treasury.


Delegation – Others have bee answering Common Root Mutual Aid Center messages from the Facebook page, that has been going well so far.

FAQ – Lacey reads aloud the 15 FAQs she came up with based on research from previous emails and fb messaged questions. Anyone can add to the list on google drive, edit and include new questions and answers. Living document. When it has several answers on the document, we’ll add it to the website and CR volunteers are encouraged to reference it.

A question to add:
Q: Free Saturdays – what to bring?

“Shock Treatment” would be good for an upcoming Movie Night.

10m – Lacey – FFP Recruit more vendors & sponsors (alternate raffle donation)
2m – Chelsea – Community Cone
2m – Lacey – August calendar
10m – All – Meeting frequency
5m-Josslyn – Podcast
10m-Josslyn – TDOR – “Trans Day of Resistance”
5m-All – FFP raffle

Common Root Voting Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members
1-Other Attendee

Common Root Admin