Meeting Minutes 7/31/14

n attendance: Andi, Amanda, Azaria, Ben, Bernie, Caz, Josslyn, Lacey (moderator and note-taker) & Mike

-Conflict Resolution Training
-Excellent discussion, led by Caz!
-Items to hang
-Everyone approves hanging all the artwork in the space.
-Everyone also approved either hanging cup holder or placing it and it’s mugs in the space
-Unladylike – everyone is fine with combining membership dues for Unladylike products
-Writer’s Group
-Meeting on Tuesday the 19th at Meadowlark. Every two weeks on Tuesdays after that.


Toby Bartels

What does that mean, ‘combining membership dues for Unladylike products’?


Lacey Losh

Toby, instead of Abbie paying $25/month in membership fees and Mary Beth paying another $25/month in membership fees, they gave us two options. They can’t afford to continue with $50 per month between them, so combining their membership dues to $25/month together and keeping the “Unladylike” products or sale in the CR store, or pulling the “Unladylike” products from the CR store and discontinuing both memberships.

Folks at this meeting unanimously agreed to let them combine the memberships and keep all Unladylike products for sale in the CR store. So, this membership is more like for their brand than for two individual members.

Common Root Admin