Meeting Minutes 7/31/13

In attendance: Andrew (moderator), Kris, Lacey (note taker) and William (Happy Birthday William!)

1. William suggests we reclaim things such as old dorm refrigerators or old microwaves and make little free libraries to give away, or to help us distribute our zines and such.

2. Plumbing update: William fixed the outdoor spigot, the leaking near the water heater and the water pressure is better in the kitchen! Yay! He also replaced a gasket, as the old one had melted because the water was too hot, so now the water isn’t so hot. 

3. Ivanhoe has offered to start paying for trash pickup. It’s possible it’s a legal requirement for the landlord to provide this for us…this should be looked into. Either way we agree we should have trash pickup at Common Root. Also, William suggests looking into a local recycling pickup and spending some of our income to support one.

4. Streets Alive – we have not heard back from the application to see if we qualify for a booth. Lacey filled out the online for last Firday

5. The new TV screen Shaina bought is broken.  When she’s feeling better we will exchange it.

6. William suggests using the back side of the small calendars to describe 4 different events, rather than 4 separate events (one featured on each calendar). We might try that, but some folks like the images and flyers for specific events, so perhaps we will try both.

William also suggests we could offer services to local businesses services in exchange for them offering discount coupons we could print on the backs of our flyers or in the zines.


Toby Bartels

Regarding the trash, there are two relevant lines in the Landlord Tenant Act, which seem to contradict each other:

  • The landlord shall […] Provide and maintain appropriate receptacles and conveniences for the removal of ashes, garbage, rubbish, and other waste incidental to the occupancy of the dwelling unit and arrange for their removal from the appropriate receptacle[.] —76-1419(1)(f)

  • The tenant shall […] Dispose from his dwelling unit all ashes, rubbish, garbage, and other waste in a clean and safe manner[.] —76-1421(3)

So the landlord has to arrange for trash removal, but the tenant has to remove it ???

Common Root Admin