Meeting Minutes 7/28/16

In attendance Andira, Bob (co-moderator), Heather (moderator), Lacey (note taker) & Larry

Lamp vote – it stays (consensus)
Padded Chairs x3 – they stay! (consensus) One will need a little duct tape for a patch.

New space update – 1430 South Street – 5,150 sq. ft., parking across the street and a few spaces up front (no meters), waiting on price (which is negotiable), can be subdivided, we could partner with other nonprofits and orgs. Major concerns are not convenient parking and potential price. We like the idea of the space and the location a lot. Looks handicapped accessible, we can ask to be sure – specifically for the restrooms. It is further away from campus. 3% annual increase every year. 3 year contract required.

Andira is looking into getting concrete numbers from other orgs and groups to share:
SO WHAT SLAM – potentially ($100-200)

Indoor stage listing for FFP – Stacey Waite will be there! W00t!! Andira, Cei, Helen, Becca, Alexis, Sam + Heather. Stacey gave us a list of others that she and Helen know too. Royal from Inclusive Life will be talking about Inclusive Life. Potentially a children’s dance troup, and other representative of organization booths.

Heather will be on Lavender Hill, KZUM – 9/18 (11 AM – Noon)
Lacey can grab details from Emcee drafts that Heather can talk about on Lavender Hill FFP.

FFP Vendors:
Fly Dogz/OFTF – approved
KZUM – approved for Lacey to continue negotiations for a trade – booth space in exchange for radio advertisement / air time

Art show and sale – First Friday in August! All proceeds go to CR (thanks to the artist, Sammi)!
What should we charge for future art show commissions? Full time consignment shops do 30% to 50% of proceeds. Bob would like to come in under that. 25% was suggested. Heather would be happy to donate art for future First Fridays if we do them.

We voted and 20% CR cut for art commissions on art show sales was approved. We can revisit this later to adjust if needed.

Porchfest LNK crowdfunding money came in! $438.92
That’s only about 50% of what was raised on Indigogo ???

Set agenda for the next meeting:
Sept calendar draft (2m) Lacey
New space (tentative) (?m) Andira
Common Root Quorum:
1-Board Member
3-Key Holding Members

Common Root Admin