Meeting Minutes 7/25/12

Meeting notes – July 25th, 2012 (In attendance Andrew (mod), Ashley, Kris, Lacey (note-taker), Lisa, Qubit, Scott, Shaina, & Toby)
Start time 7:19 PM

Immediate demerits for Scott for forgetting his AC paperwork. Then he yelled “stuff out”
Scott pushes the Zine to an earlier meeting topic.

Lacey should post two versions of Zines online – printer spreads and reader spreads
Also, she should go ahead and post this to the wordpress site – the recipe zine

Start adding QR codes to things to point people to our wordpress site.

We’d like to separate our web hosting from where it is now (connected to Brian’s other sites). It will only cost us a few bucks (less then $10) to move it right away. Sounds like we’d like to do that.

We talked about possible upcoming zine submissions. Kris, Qubit, Shaina, Lacey, Andrew and Scott all have potential items to put in the first.

The laptop Shaina brought has Umbuntu and Windows XP installed, Shaina would like $160 for it. Shaina’s computers come with free tech support  Hardrive is 80 GB…Windows takes up 15 GB….30 on each operating system. Memory is 3 GB. It can be 64 bit, if it’s straight Unbuntu OS.
We are going to buy the laptop for $160.

Qubit might know of a projector.

William suggested via telephone that we talk about putting together a procedure for new roommates
For the basement rooms: larger room – $200/month with $150 deposit
Smaller room: $100/month with $100 deposit
Both upstairs rooms: $250/month (someday we might make it $300 for the larger one) and they both have $150 deposit.

We would like to start getting references for future roommates. Qubit is interested in the larger basement room but is going to check another place before making his decision. Spencer is moving in today-into the basement room! Subleases need to be signed. Spencer needs to pay $400 and sign the lease soon.
Qubit might just buy a window AC unit if he moves in upstairs and we would take that amount off his deposit.

Lacey is bringing her vacuum cleaner on Sunday for the cleaning and Ashley wants to use it to clean a rug upstairs and I want to vacuum the larger basement room.

We would like to change the locks on Sunday while lots of collective members are here cleaning and attending the Queer Box discussion.

Calendars were discussed and signed off on for event hosting– I will get some printed tomorrow.

Qubit’s email: (

Adjourned at 8:28 PM

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