Meeting Minutes 7/24/14

-Testing 123…Queer Movie Night prep
-Conflict resolution training
-Acoustic Concert Fundraiser
-Finalize August Calendar
-Treasury Update
-501c3 Update
-Poetry at the Moon has invited us!
-Portable AC Unit 

Attendance: Andi, Azaria, Barbara, Ben, Josslyn, Lacey, Lauren


Conflict Resolution Training:

Caz may provide conflict resolution training at the next Thursday meeting with regular housekeeping meeting.

Acoustic Concert Fundraiser: 

Spencer will be finalizing groups, who will be performing at the event. In addition, Lacey will be hosting the opening and Ben will be hosting the closing event. Refreshments will be posted on smaller sign.

Finalize August Calendar:

All events have hosts and are ready to be posted. 

Poetry at the Moon:

Common Root would be a featured reader at the Moon and anyone connected could perform per Jeff. 

Portable AC Unit:

Andi has an idea! 1. Set on top of fan. 2. Set behind fan.

501c3: No Update



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