Meeting Minutes 7/24/13

Civilitics: Meeting possible on 8/3 or 8/4

Streets Alive: Common Root booth – button making activity

Plumbing issues: Kitchen sink -> low water pressure

Outside faucet doesn’t work – possibly shut off still from winter

Bath tub pile leaks when water goes through drain hole -> water damage

Pipeline Bake Sale -> 12 noon @ Meadowlark -> Crafts suggested in addition to baked goods -> 9/8

Grill parts for fire pit: Need grate lid

Zine making party/book project @ Meadowlark: -> Introduction to making zines – zine culture -> share zines -> make zines @ Meadowlark -> Need to ask for permission to host @ Meadowlark

Pipeline Walk -Welcoming pipeline walkers discussed – providing shelter for pipeline walkers @ Common Root

Silent Auction Common Root fundraiser Suggested for the first week of November

Calender: Aug 12th zine sharing – Sept 16th Zine due date

Free Saturday: Skill share @ 1pm -> Check circulation of CR calender to ensure CR calender is as widely circulated as possible

Common Root Admin